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The Indian Nazis!

Before you proceed further, let me warn you that if you get offended by the criticism/troll of your god or hero, leave this post peacefully kid. These are all my personal opinions mixed with a contrast of history.

It was a normal day. I was happy with the news of hearing the detection of Gravitational Waves. I opened my facebook and twitter as usual and I saw the news flash about some JNU students shouting anti national slogans. All the Twitter and Facebook exploded with the hashtag #shutdownjnu . Lots of opinions of people. Mostly raged opinions which had no basis. In the mainstream, two news channels got excited hearing all this, first one was the usual Zee news and second one was the self proclaimed nationalist Arnab Goswami! Both of them just lurked this opportunity to lash out at entire community of JNU. On Social Media there were the hate-mongering troll pages like "The Frustrated Indian" who just used this opportunity in what they do best, propagate hatred! So, they want to shut down the institution because it is run by tax payer's money. Here I will analyse and decode those so called nationalists here.

First of all, those maniacs who  said crazy things like "India will be destroyed and all" are still roaming free. Those people are complete losers and have no worth to live for themselves. They take the benefits of the country and bitch about the same which is completely immature to do. I STRONGLY DENOUNCE ANY DESTRUCTIVE SLOGANS/SPEECH AGAINST THE UNION of INDIA BY ANY INDIVIDUAL or PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVE.

Now, let us look into ABVP and AISF. Both the students organizations have been there from decades and had given India a lot of big politicians. Normal tug of political war was there from the beginning and nobody had any problem with that. Now, what did the police do? They raided the hostels of JNU and arrested  the president of the JNU student union.

I will contrast the present situation from the history to justify the title of this post. After the first world war, Hitler rose up in power by first masking himself as a democrat. He used to shout slogans about making Germany a "pure nation". He used to criticize the Weimar Republic and unleash his gangsters to defame the republic in the eyes of the public. The public used to say, "Hail Hitler!, Hail Hitler". People were just impressed by Hitler's oratory skills and he rose to fame among the whole of Germany mainly due to his oratory skills. After coming to power he just changed the whole system and converted it into a totalitarian dictatorship. He had a dual faced character right from the beginning but it took too late to get it exposed resulting a mass murder of millions of people.

Today right from the union election of 2014, we can see drastic similarities of the  present situation and the pre-second world war era! A brilliant orator is worshipped in the nation as a messiah. He comes to power. Nothing wrong till now. Now, what are the intentions of this government? One can see that Hitler was working with a certain ideology of "pure race","Anti-Semitism" etc. The BJP/RSS ideology is anti-minority right from the beginning. The whole organization was built up on this principle of fringing a majority religion in the nation and thus by simpler calculations get to power. I have no problem with that also. And yeah the people here also shout! "Modi!!, Modi!!."Exactly!

Now, During Hitler's time how did he managed to convert a republic into a dictatorship? The answer is simple. Using the people! The people of the country supported him in that because Germany after first world war was completely broken and when people saw a charismatic oratory person, they saw hope for the betterment of themselves. Very cunningly and gradually over the course of some years he sold the dream of German domination to the masses and people cheered. "Hail Hitler! Hail Hitler!" People thought he had answers to everything. Apparently he set up a 1000 year Reich and could solve all the problems of Germany. What did he used to do with the voices of descent? He used to crush them but in the initial years he used to project the opposite voices as anti-national and people supported him to punish the "anti-nationals". Today, In the world largest democracy the voice of dissent is being suppressed in a similar manner. First they came to power to fill up the crysis that congress left with its miserable rule for 10 years. It all started with exaggerations about the previous regimes and open blatant lies which as a political party they are taught to do so. India has a uni-federal scheme of power that is a federal structure with a strong centre. These people are trying to make it unitary by unleashing their CBIs to some states (whose rulers are also usually corrupt apart from 1 or 2 exceptions), imposing president rule by making silly excuses. These people have a dual faced working style. when they address people belonging to illiterate majorities, they talk about Hindu rashtra, or about one country one religion. But when they address the intellectual class they shift the gear to "development".


These people are very much obsessed with Nehru in particular. Right from day one by using different dirty tricks they are trying to defame him by using old school tricks like "declassifying netaji files" etc. They will not declassify the whole of the files but they will do that in parts so that hatred among people can be spread. It is a universal fact that in our freedom struggle these people had absolutely no role. Their ideals and masters were British apologists and always distanced from the freedom struggle and these people have starting teaching a new brand of nationalism. They came to power to WORK for the people of this country. But they came and they started the old school British policy of divide and rule as they already have done in the past. They have started appointing their puppets to every institutional positions like FTII, censor board etc. They even started disturbing the autonomy of the institutions by imposing their value system to them.

Earlier, before the arrival of Britishers, there used to be no communal riots and British used to incite communal flame using their agents who used to throw cow meat in front of a temple and pork in front of a mosque to make Indians fight with each others. These people have adopted this British ideology of hate whole heartedly and are carrying forward the legacy. Now having said all these which is a public knowledge I will now list out what has happened and how cunningly they have played here in the JNU issue.

On tuesday the group of students in JNU held an event on the campus attended by representatives from most of the political outfits. The event titled "The country without a post office" to stand solidarity with the Kashmiri people for their democratic right of self determination" and among other things to protest "Judicial Killing" of afzal guru who was hanged in 2013 after being convicted in the attack on the parliament in 2001. As per the president of the JNU student union and his speech hours before his arrest, he condemned all those people who shouted anti-national slogans there. He openly challenged the political opponents to have a debate with him on the concept of violence. He never said he is justifying Afzal guru. His question was, why are these Afzal guru type terrorists coming from India??

Many people are saying the students come in the universities to study and not do politics. I want to reply to them by just saying them the sentence he said in his speech. These universities are there to make a critical analysis of "Social Conscience". Does this amount to glorifying terrorists? Is this sedition? They should remember that it is the students politics only because of whom another Nazism in the form of emergency (1975) that India faced was lifted. I firmly believe that Student politics should be encouraged. It is this old brigade that has ruled so many years of this country with their myopic viewpoint of India and has basically degraded the concept of "Politics" not the students.

Now I am asking some very basic questions that they have also raised. Where was the terrorist afzal guru from? Was he from outside India? The question was why are Anti-India emotions developing in INDIA? Isn't it our collective failure? Arnab Goswami was bashing a person in his news-hour for his views on Kashmir. You are using the police machinery against students who have "views" but police is incompetent in controlling crimes etc. Is it any different from the Nazi treatment?
Yes! Those who shouted Anti-India slogans MUST be arrested and prosecuted in the court of LAW. But all you are doing is showing some pictures/videos of MOB without any faces shouting some slogans. Yesterday I uploaded a video on facebook which is released by students of JNU claiming that ABVP students were involved in this actually. Many people started countering me that it does not prove anything. Exactly dear friend! Similarly those videos which is shown by Times now or Zee media group does not prove that The JNU student union was involved in it. Those videos are an opinion similar to this video that I uploaded and not facts. Those videos does not give the male police the RIGHT to raid girl's hostels of the JNU. Some people commented that they were glorifying terrorists and you cannot question judiciary. First of all everyone has a right to question judiciary in a democracy. IT IS NOT A CRIME. The crime will be when you are violating a judicial order. For example if they would have kidnapped Guru and helped him to flee from the country then it will be disrespecting the judiciary and a crime. All these people the terrorists are already DEAD! You are attempting to silence those opinions instead of debating with them and thus bringing back dead people from the grave. Look inside, it is YOU who really is glorifying those terrorists. We are questioning judiciary on the stands on #377. Does that make us seditious? Few days back this is how they treated a peaceful protest of students. They said that the students "provoked" them. Are the police so insensitive that they get provoked by students and resort to behave like goons?

I think this is the plot that the right-wingers executed in JNU.
  1. Unleash your agents in the event.
  2. Tell them to shout anti-national slogans.
  3. Remove your agents afterwards.
  4. Record the events showing the audio but not their faces.
  5. Blame it on entire JNU and start trending #ShutdownJNU.
  6. Put Sedition charges on the president of the student union. 
  7. Pay the media channels to show some rage on news and create sensationalism.
  8. Make a ministry statement that no anti-national will be spared and get the attention of every patriotic Indian because obviously they will support you at first glance
I have no proof to claim that these steps were followed. Similarly till now NO PRIMAFACY EVIDENCE was shown against those people arrested in public domain on the basis of which the arrests are made. Many people are asking me why I am asking for proofs. Well if it is a democracy then one must ask for proofs otherwise what difference will be there against this and the NAZI treatment to silence opponents. When you are using your para-military to capture a department in a state assembly (ACB of Delhi assembly) in the same country, isnt it similar to Nazism? Have we stooped down to that level that we are slapping sedition charges on students based on the random videos of Mobs?

Now let me reply in the same logic that they have used. Okay BJP people are saying they should be arrested because they are question judicial killing of guru, so they are terrorist sympathiser. Well, what is the view of your alliance partner PDP in Kashmir about the guru hanging? It is the same! Doesn't that make YOU seditious? Wont you become terrorist sympathiser? You are saying JNU looks like a Pakistani university in India. By this logic does your party looks like a Pakistani party in India?
The logic doesn't work for me when people uninstall app in protest of the brand ambassador, or shutting down a university because one person/a group of persons supported the anti-national slogans on India in their personal capacity. We don’t blame an entire ministry if the minister was caught in corruption charges, do we? I have received many comments on facebook telling me that people from "my community" do this and do that. I am NOT a Muslim! I am an atheist! and people from Hindu community brand me a terrorist, Muslim community brand me as kaafir! but I dont generalize entire community based on actions of a few individuals! It’s like every act of an individual leaves a greater collateral damage in the society (or someone wanted to inflict that damage), just because he belonged to a wider social system or was a unit of a class of a larger entity. Many people link this to intolerance debate and even link them with bihar elections. I want to say one thing, I have more than 2000 blog followers, and more than 1500 friends on Facebook. All of them are pretty fine when I post some cute cat pictures but the moment I post something against their ideology, I am hurled with abuses, death threats etc. from the people who were my friends in school, forget random trolls on facebook and twitter which is a routine anyways. I dont care about them but I feel sad that people have become so insensitive in the culture of worshipping something that they stop their capacity of reasoning. Still I dont believe that India as a whole is intolerant because I dont think that these bunch of Sanghis and Junooni Mullas are representatives of the nation. RSS people are no one to distribute the certificate of nationalism to everyone.
Excise Duty was raised three times after the New Year. Dollar rates are at all-time high and still exports have gone down. Sensex plunges down. Yeah, that seems like a regular day
Have a nice day.

Friday, November 27, 2015

My brief views on different topics in India and upcoming blogs

I was really busy with some personal problems and the hectic schedule of my work and studies till now so my apologies on not being that much frequent here as I promised earlier.

Now, as far as intolerance is concerned I will reply to all those people in my blog (I know it is too late and and again my apologies for my hectic schedule..) where I will surely demolish all the arguments. All I can say now is that bihar elections are over long back and this debate is rising day by day so it is PROVED that it was not done by congis for bihar elections to defeat BJP. It is a REAL ISSUE and bringing 1984 or kashmiri pandits to this is simply non-sense.

Regarding honorable PM :- my current views based on his actions till now after 18 months and not his speeches ...he is a nehru-indira wannabe and the biggest comedian of indian politics even more than lalu prasad yadav. If we want to improve our country in reality then the only way is by a proper scientific planning and progress of Science not some feudal understanding. i remember now, ummm it was him only right? who said that ancient india had plastic surgery because of the elephant's head in human ganesha... I mean the prime minister of the world's largest democracy has this kind of scientific understanding then it is SHAMEFUL!!

Regarding BJP/ShivSena/VHP/RSS etc. :- these are bunch of goons and jokers who were the british agents (except very few good people in them) in india till 1970's in India to divide it. Communal riots started happening in india only after the revolt of 1857 before that almost no riots was taking place in india (these are a form of a terror outfit with the mask of pseudo patritism. many people say that they helped india in the chinese war of 62. Well Jamat-ud-dawa also helped the flood victims in kashmir so they became patriotic? ) These guys carried forward that legacy undermining the constitution and the indian flag from day 1 of the independent india.

Constitution se yaad aaya..
These bunch of jokers have announced something like the national constitution day. Really? Someone please inform these ignorant fools to go through the constituent assembly discussions. 26th November was the day when the sabhapati mahoday of the constituent assembly signed this draft of indian constitution and it was announced that India will formally take this constitution into effect from 26th jan. 1950 so that it will coincide with the 26th jan 1930 of purna swaraj day. What law was governing India from 15th aug 1947 to  26th nov. 1949 and then to 26th jan 1950. It was the Indian independence act passed in the British parliament and India was operating via this law.
Hence, it proves that it is a stunt. NONE of these BJP people had any role to play at all in the constituent assembly.

I warned everyone on 16th may 2014 that You need maturity to do a real change. People ignored the fact that changing the tag from congress to BJP wont help much when more than 100 MPs were in congress just 2 years back. more than 70% of the allies were congress allies and on top that 69% of he country voted against you and you won by the simple British policy of divide and rule and Amit Shah is no way chanakya by doing that and it will be an insult to chanakya by comparing him with a joker like amit shah.

Regarding Indian Constitution :- I have been following this masterpiece from the last 2 years. I have a great respect and regards for the people in the constituent assembly and I am amazed by this brilliant book which was started by more of scientific and rational planning of things but today it really has exhausted itself and the purpose of this book is lost when we see parties like present day congress and present day BJP sitting in the parliament and making a mockery of this great book. This was never the purpose of the drafting committee when they came up with this masterpiece. But having said all that there are many feudal laws still in the constitution which SHOULD be challenged and removed in the 21st century.

Regarding GST :- Theoretically, it is an awesome step towards tax reforms in the nation proposed by Congress and opposed by them too just like the stand of FDI by BJP. Our taxation policy has so much of loop holes that it can be clear by just looking at the company named reliance who did not pay a single rupee of tax till 1996.

Apart from all these, My further incoming blogs will cover Language Debate (most probably a hindi blog post), NJAC, 66A, the Joker of Indian Politics from 1979 to 2015, The JP movement impact even today, Idiotic indo-pak fights/wars over a nonsense mountain terrain, Pakistan - a nation of barbarians, Nonsense Ram mandir movement and a lot more... stay tuned to AadiliA
thanks for the patience.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Game of Thrones of Bihar : - The GRAND ALLIANCE

If you catch the tail of the cow, all you get is dung not votes. This fits a lot to the central government of India. Today's result of the Bihar election showed that,
"Zinda Kaume 5 saal intezaar nahi karti - Lohiya"
I predicted this result 1 month back on my facebook. Many people mocked and laughed at my analysis at that time. I will explain what really happened in Bihar.

It all started with my city Ara. It was a rally of PM modi there. By that time, the battle was neck to neck between both the alliances. It was a complete chess game of politics at that time. The language that PM spoke in that rally hurt the people of bihar as a whole a lot. First he questioned the DNA of nitish kumar. Even politically, this was a big blunder that nitish kumar took complete advantage in his favour. Then in that rally itself he announced a so called grand package of 1 lakh 25 thousand crores instead of talking about special status to bihar. First, the way he announced, it was looking like he was bidding in an auction where bihar is getting sold. Then, the CM nitish kumar debunked the package that day itself and proved that out of the 1 lakh 25 thousand crores, 1 lakh 9 thousand crores are already in allocated budgets of the UPA thus proving that there was in reality NOTHING given in bihar.

After this, some incidents like mulayam singh yadav of SP left the alliance and here Nitish Kumar acted like a mature politician unlike the NDAs. In the NDAs, everything was happening top to bottom. Bihar is a poor state. The campaign of grand alliance was happening door to door on the other hand with a budget of some 100 crores in the whole bihar compared to the mega campaign done by NDA. On the common people, it created an impact of anti-poor sentiments. Local people of BJP like Sharughn Sinha was neglected completely. First mistake that the BJP did was formation of it's alliance partners. Now, on the other hand. Nitish and Lalu formed the alliance and shared the seats in the most natural way possible (101+101+41). They had only 3 parties in the alliance so the management was a lot easy for them. The alliance of the BJPs with Manjhi was a big mistake done by them. BJP entered the caste game in bihar in this manner.

After this incident, came the statement of Mohan Bhagwat on reservations. Reservations is a very sensitive issue across the country. This followed a lot of bloopers that BJP continues that can be just summarised in this pic. By entering the COW politics, they made a big error when Lalu Yadav photoed himself with cows and asked them how are the BJPs the protector of COWs?

Now, I was looking at my facebook timelines which is filled up with many BJP supporters. Some of them even said that,
"Apparently, Indians accept a certain level of corruption in places of power. This is what the victory of RJD appears to indicate. Only when it crosses a certain threshold people react."

I would respectfully disagree on that. The seats and the candidature of the MLAs were decided by the alliance and not by the individual parties. This was a big strategic move by them. Whereas BJP was acting immature. If one is saying RJD is a corrupt party then BJP was the most corrupt party (vyapam scam) at the moment, because it has also shown similar scams like congress. It was a vote to both Nitish and Lalu prasad. Just because RJD won 10 more seats doesn't give them the remote control. The seats were shared in that manner that no one party will get a remote control (101+101+41). Even congress despite doing well this time there have no say because it is almost a 3/4 th majority. Biharis have voted like this from the beginning. 

Now, modi was shouting slogans like, "Bijli mili" (did you get electricity?) and the fact of the matter is Rural electrification rate in bihar has been increased by more than 400%. So, these stuffs will obviously affect the ground voters. He gave a slogan of bijli, paani and sadak. and all three are already delivered by nitish in the last 10 years to a lot better than others. He told about jungle-raaj but if we look at the crime rates in Bihar, it stands at 22nd position nationally then how did it was a jungle-raaj? Also, those people who were abusing lalu etc. clearly had no ground reality knowledge of the reigns of jagannath mishra in 80s. Bihar gave the JP movement, the student movement in 70s and at that time those people from BJP like ravishankar prasad was working under lalu yadav as an assistant secretary only. 

This election implied two very important things. First is that, it increased the stature of Nitish Kumar as a humble and wise national leader taking head on to Modi. Second, it had proved that lalu yadav is still one of the smartest politicians of this country. Narendra Modi tried to copied Lalu's style of 90s politics himself, when he projected himself as a chaiwala in 2014. He made a big error by not even acknowledging his own involvement in the nitish's govt. and the change that was already brought in place. Many of the BJP people told that Nitish had aspirations of becoming a PM. Well, Yes! he had and what was wrong in it? He took a bihar of 2005 (which had some social justice but not economic) and brought it till bihar of 2013. (A big transformation), whereas Modi took a developed Gujarat and maintained a developed one! It was a logical aspiration even if it was. 

Also, due to 2002 Gujarat riots, modi had an image problem. he never took any moral responsibilities and resigned but instead he acted as a victim. Many people has misconception that supreme court gave him clean chit. Well, I suggest, they should read the judgement. On the other hand, Nitish kumar even resigned in his earlier days as a railway minister taking the moral responsibilities. He resigned as the CM after 2014 (which was a mistake as well as a political game!) after the mandate against him in bihar. This elections was a series of contradictions on both the sides but grand alliance had much lesser contradictions because of the background of two of the biggest leaders of bihar which has its roots from JP and Lohiya! 

I wish and congratulate Nitish Kumar for a decisive mandate and wish him to work in even a better manner that he is doing in bihar! :) 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Game of Thrones of Bihar - Significant Personalities - "Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh"

Welcome to my new series of blogs in AadiliA where I will take you to the high profile election of Bihar 2015. From the last one month I was thinking of writing on this elections and at first I thought of dedicating one of two blog posts on this elections. But now I realize that since my readership of the blog has crossed over 3000 and most of the readers are outside of bihar it is my humble duty to inform them of the situation in as much precise manner as possible. So, this is a bilateral election where two alliances (The Grand Alliance vs The National Democratic Alliance) are contesting for grabbing the throne of Bihar which is a combination of 243 small constituencies. So, it is precisely speaking 243 different elections merged together. Both the sides have both good and bad qualities and the contest is neck to neck till now. You will be meeting a lot of great political personalities who may not be that popular on TV but are really playing a lot of role in this elections. So, Let us welcome the first guest of this series, "Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh"

It is a common belief in the India of 2015 that all the secular leaders are corrupt. If you are searching for a clean faced leader even in a party like Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) which is commonly perceived as a corrupt party due to Laloo's fodder scam case (that is a different story and I will cover it in the later blogs) then your search is over. He is the national vice-president of the RJD.

He has done his MSc. and PhD in Mathematics and was a professor of Mathematics in Goenka College, Sitamarhi, under Bihar University but he also has expertise in the rural and agricultural landscape of India. He could be a great education reformer due to his background of his studies. Very few people of bihar could dare to do phD at that time that too in a hindi medium Mathematics which is far difficult than the English medium.

He is one of the senior most politicians of the nation. As a fellow mathematician I can clearly say after watching his addressings in lok-sabha that he presents his words very logically and precisely with proper citations. One of his famous speeches was that in which for the first time he put forward the demand of the special status of Bihar in 2002 after which Nitish kumar carried forward this demand. Even if someone listens to that addressing today, it is clear the way he demolished some of the biggest frauds and prejudices about bihar. 13 years have passed but still that demand is not yet fulfilled. He won the Lok Sabha seat of Vaishali 5 times in a row though in the election of 2014 he lost his seat.

He is one of the direct products of the JP movement and was known for his calculative and precise approach in the agitation. In the RJD, he works as a think tank of Laloo Prasad Yadav. He is the behind the scene guy for the Laloo's success in the 90's and even after all the old people left Laloo after 2005, he still was one of the loyal friends of Laloo. During the JP movement he was dismissed from the university service at the time of Emergency and he was one of those active people in to lead the "Jail Bharo Andolan " ("fill the jails- agitation"). He is directly connected to the farmers of bihar and he is known for providing legal aids to farmers whenever necessary.

These are the various posts that he took responsibilities till now.

1973-77Secretary, Samyukta Socialist Party (S.S.P.), Distt. Sitamarhi
1977-90Member, Bihar Legislative Assembly
1977-79Minister of State, Power, Government of Bihar
1979-80Member, Committee on Questions and Calling Attention
1980-85President, Lok Dal, Distt. Sitamarhi
1985-89Member, Central Parliamentary Board, Lok Dal
1985-90Member, Public Accounts Committee
1987-90Member, Pratyayukta Samiti
1989-90Chairman, Library Committee
1990Deputy Speaker, Bihar Legislative Assembly
1991-94Deputy Leader, Bihar Legislative Council
1991-95Member, Bihar Legislative Council
1994-95Chairman, Bihar Legislative Council
1995-96Minister, Energy, Relief, Rehabilitation and Department of Official Languages, Government of Bihar
1996Elected to 11th Lok Sabha
1996-97Union Minister of State, Animal Husbandry and Dairying (Independent Charge)
1997-98Union Minister of State, Food and Consumer Affairs (Independent Charge)
1998Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha (2nd term)
1998-99Chairman, Committee on Food, Civil Supplies and Public Distribution; and its Sub-Committees on Department of Food and Civil Supplies; Department of Sugar and Edible Oils; Department of Consumer Affairs; and Department of Coordination
Member, General Purposes Committee
Member, Committee on Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLAD)
Member, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Agriculture
1999Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha (3rd term)
1999-2000Leader, Rashtriya Janata Dal Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
Member, Committee on Home Affairs
1999-2004Member, General Purposes Committee
2004Re-elected to 14th Lok Sabha( 4th term)
23 May 2004 - 2009Union Cabinet Minister, Rural Development
Vice President, Parliamentary Forum on Water Conservation & Management
2009Re-elected to 15th Lok Sabha (5th term)
Jun. 2009Member, Panel of Chairmen, Lok Sabha
6 Aug. 2009Member, Committee on Estimates
31 Aug. 2009Member, Committee on Home Affairs
19 Oct. 2009General Purpose Committee

He did amazing job as minister of Rural development and is probably the most knowledgeable persons among all the politicians fighting in bihar. For 5 reigns in Lok Sabha he represented the seat of vaishali. This may turn out to be his strength as well as weakness in this elections. I am saying weakness because he was disconnected from assembly election issues for a long time. He lost in 2014 by a huge margin from Rama Singh who is clearly not even an inch of his stature. The main reason behind that was the splitting of his votes among other dummy candidates and the bahubali attitude of Rama Singh and not to forget the marketing of the present prime minister Narendra Modi. Still chances of his winning his seat this time is much higher.
Few days back he was in some controversy where he proved that some saints and sages as per Vedas used to eat beef. I won't talk much about the beef remark but in my subsequent blogs I will prove that one of the biggest mistake that BJP did in bihar was doing beef politics.