Monday, February 27, 2017

Importance of Student's Politics for India!

After the last year JNU incident, there is a certain naive group emerged on the social media which wants to abolish all student unions in universities. The argument that they give are, "Why so we need politics in institutions meant to study? Are the student there to do politics or to study?"

I want to start with an example of my own alma mater the National Institute of Science Education and Research. I have studied over 5 years in this institute and it has so many awesome faculties and I have very fortunate to have been with the guidance of one of the brilliant minds of the nation. But, there is also a side which is called the administration, and just like any other administration of any other college of India, the students in my college also are very critical about it. We students had our regular issues like 
  • Delay in releasing scholarships every month.
  • Issues in Internet Facility provided.
  • Funding needed for college funds not getting sanctioned.
  • Non-Eatable Food in Mess.
  • Choice of Elective Subjects in studies.
  • Cleanliness issues in Mess.
  • No Placement Cells for placement of students.
  • Corruption in Administration.
and many more such usual issues like many other institutions of India. I am pretty sure every national institute faces such problems in India. Now, If we scale it down to other colleges which are not of national level college they also face the following difficulties.
  • Faculties not taking classes.
  • Out of Syllabus questions in exams.
  • Open cheating in exams
  • Cleanliness issues in classrooms
  • No environment for studies.
  • Corruption in Administration.

The problems that I listed above are mostly in Science and technical institutions. The Humanities background institutions faces more problems in additions to all the above ones which I will come to later on in this post. Now, the above problems that I listed are problems of Students which they face and ALL the times the administration are unable to resolve the issues of their own. There are natural and sensible reasons of why it happens specially in public funded institutions like NISER, Universities.
  • The administration has a natural tendency to think that the students are their subjects because they are given the right to spend the money that public funds them.
  • The administration receives salaries directly from government without having any accountability of their own.
So, the answer to those question will be straightforward. The need of the students cannot be understood by those who are not accountable to it. And to set accountability we NEED politics. So, the correct question that should be asked is, what kind of politics do we want? 

Why do I say this? well, for that we must understand which kind of society do we live in? We must understand it's realities in as precise manner as possible. Whether we like it or not but politics today has become totalitarian in nature across the globe which varies in only certain degrees with respect to the place. It is so widespread that there exist NO social institution which is not affected by politics or which does not have politics in it. I gave some example of administrative politics in my institution and others. You might be aware of "office politics" too when you are working in IT sector.

On top of that, everything related to our economic development, industries, corporates, social welfare schemes, education, infrastructure development, type of market, labour laws etc. all of these things via utilising the tax payer's money is guided by political policies and practices which is made by the government of the day. The political patronage actually measures the benefit or the damage it does to a particular community. Politics control the creativity of filmmakers, singers, actors, celebrities on what there position is on a certain topic. (Ban on Lipstick under my burka by CBFC be one of the examples). It even affects everyone's personal life, "what they eat?", "how they dress?", "What slogans they raise?" etc.

If politics is so deeply enriched in our system, how can colleges, institutions and universities be an exception to it? I want to ask, "What is the GOAL of a college or a University?" To train students in a particular subject and get a job? If anyone agrees to this kind of philosophy they should come out of the ancient and myopic viewpoint that they have. Because it is NOT the goal of a University or a college or an institute. Don't lecture students on what they are "supposed to do" if you don't have a shred of knowledge of what they are actually doing. The goal of an institution/college/university is to prepare students to be ready for the unimaginative challenges that they will face in different aspect of their life and NOT to just get a job and sit like robots. And those challenges include politics which is completely amalgamated into it. Thus it is very important for an overall development of an individual's character and personality. And you must remember, building character is the FIRST STEP to nation building.

Another reason I have for politics to be needed apart from its presence everywhere is we NEED better leaders to lead the nation. Where should these leaders come from? At present, Indian political leadership largely come via money/muscle power or by lineage. Since, college politics directly links the subjects to national level or state level. It becomes a launching pads for self made leaders to be entered in political arena. We talk so much about India and pakistan. We always have, ever thought why there was so much dictatorship in pakistan despite Jinnah advocating a secular republic AFTER partition? Because of the differences in leaderships in both the countries. During 1970's when pakistan was fueled with islamic fundamentalism via it's dictators who were nothing but looters, big builders (nawaz sharif one of them) etc. Indian political arena was much cleaner at that point of time. Because the leadership in India was coming from three unions. 
  1. The TRADE Unions
  2. The LABOUR Unions
  3. The STUDENT Unions.
Indira gandhi's congress and the Janta Government almost destroyed the trade unions in India. The labour unions are starving to death already because of their rights being snatched away and now the attacks on student unions will be the biggest mistake a nation can make. Student Politics actually institutionalise merit based search for future political leaders. You can have disagreements with any or all student leaders but asking to dismantle student unions will hence be inviting dictatorship at your doorsteps. 

There are no student unions in our institute NISER, IITs, IIMs, NITs, IISERs, St. Stephen's (Delhi) and it is NOT a good thing because it does not allow some of the best minds to enter political arena barring few exceptions (e.g - +Arvind Kejriwal ) who make it against all odds and get criticized for taking up a position. Now see what the majority of 21st century politics is all about. Criminals, rapists, thugs, thieves, dacoits, rioters, uneducated, uncouth, old people enter politics. So, it is even more necessary for us to allow political thought to be nurtured in an INDEPENDENT FRAME of MIND. It is only irony that these institutions who are "non-political" take pride in political successes of such odd leaders.

The argument against my point of views are usually giving examples about the entire academic sessions going to waste to take part in political protests. Even for students who are willing to take classes are bound by their peers to participate in protests, strikes etc. I want to say to them that to remove this difficulty your pathway is not correct. The solution won't be to disallow any form of politics but to change the kind of politics that happen. Also, if a student is studying or not, let his academic performance be the judge of it and not you and me to lecture them about going to study.

Democracy is NOT about just elections and political rallies but it is also about dialogues, diplomacy, management, discussion, dissent in a peaceful manners, ideological wars in a peaceful setting and NOT using police or army men on students. The intention in DEMOCRACY should NEVER be to bulldoze opposing ideas but recognise the RIGHT of someone having an opposing IDEOLOGY than yours. The same should be for politics or universities. At present, both the national and college politics is poisoned with destructive elements like mainstream political parties, ABVP etc. This in turn also affects the academic and legislative processes.

I am suggesting an idea. We as a students should promote creativity and find new ways to protest via our writings, plays, songs, social media, internet without actually disturbing the academic discipline of an institution. Also, we must be peaceful towards others to give them a peaceful environment to study. For that to happen, an ordinance can be brought upon removing all form of grants given by a registered political party to it's student's wing. They can help in any manner possible to their students wing apart from giving any money to them. 

Another thing that is needed to be done is grant COMPLETE Autonomy to the institutions which after this new regime came in the center is in grave danger. The institutional murder of rohit vemula being one of the prime example of it. There should be full autonomy to the institutions in the appointments of their professors, HODs, financial, syllabus selections, student selections etc.  We MUST DEMOCRATISE our educational institute and bring in more transparency. We have too many bad appointments of VCs, HODs, etc. in institutes like MKU, HCU, DU, JNU etc. due to the political connections that they have. It is required that ALL the stakeholders INCLUDING the student community and civil society must have at least a say in these appointments. Regarding financial autonomy, I agree that it is very difficult to make an educational institute self sustaining without making it very expensive. At present the government subsidises the education of students. What I propose is, the government SHOULD hand over the money to these institutions to spend it as they deem fit with respect to their requirement. The hierarchical approach should STOP now. 

I will strongly discourage the privatisation of educational institutes and use of education as a market in a free market world. The capitalists argue that in a long run it is going to help as more profit-seeking private institution enter this sector, the quality will increase and cost of education will decrease. But this "long run" argument is very vague and generations can be destroyed like pakistan due to this. Also it is an untested method and trickle down theory in my personal view is a hoax. 

The misuse of police is pretty evident both in Ramjas as well as in JNU last year. The bigger problem at hand is the interpretation of history based on not facts but political ideologies. The new definition of "national" and "anti-national", the maaro pito culture, the Rape threats are all to fulfil political interests and agendas. The police is just a pawn of the political party in power which is not serving the law but the political party. If anything is to be fought against it is the institutions like ABVP which has no regard for law and order and is so high on power that every member of ABVP is honestly seen as a potential rapist at this current time.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Ramjas Incident : ABVP - The Potential RAPISTS

Umar Khalid the controversial figure from the JNU was supposed to speak in a seminar at Ramjas College at around 1 PM. At around 12:30 p.m about 100 ABVP goons stormed the seminar place. So, the organizers decided to form a human chain from the back door to let Umar speak in the event. After about 15 mins, the numbers of ABVP goons increased four fold and all the gates were barricaded by the ABVP goons. The organizers contacted the Delhi Police to help in the situation. Here is what they replied.

"Since, you have not taken permission for the event to be organised in your OWN college from us we are not bound to protect you. If there is any law and order situation that prevails here ONLY the organizers will be responsible for that"

Umar cancelled his presentation there and did not go. The next morning, the ABVP people as usual started their propaganda based on a blatant yet sensational LIE via whatsapp, facebook etc. that Umar Khalid, who was "convicted" from every session's court to all the higher court in "anti-national" activities is coming to the RAMJAS college. It is a typical style of fascist propaganda. Last year people from NEWS X, ZEE News etc. reported that Umar had links with JeM. They did not even use the word "allegedly" at that point of time. They also reported that Umar went to Pakistan and has the protection of terrorist organisation there. The fact of the matter is that till now even after more than a year of the incident not a SINGLE CHARGE SHEET has been framed against any of the student. And as per the precedence of the Indian legal system you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILT and NOT the other way around. It is only ironical that those who were propagating these lies were the same people who were arrested in having links with ISI, pakistan.
I am appalled with the stupidities of some of my even well educated NISER friends (whom I won't name) who USED this news report to measure the nationalism of an indian citizen. In my judgement, this can happen with two possibilities. Either those people are so brain dead and had lost the ability to think or it is deliberate bias of their fake nationalism. 
This was my initial reaction to the incident that surfaced two days ago. I am saying and telling it with full honesty that I maintain my firm position on this. One can argue that I am being very emotional with this and that may have affected my judgement skill. I want to clarify that when it happened two things popped up in my minds. I control my emotions and wait for sometime to make myself politically correct and show myself neutral OR I let my honest emotions flow and pen it down exactly the way it is. I choose the later because I realize that for far too long I have been polite just to maintain a neutrality YET I cannot convince the people the rationality behind my thoughts. The intelligent one's always anyway understand what I want to say so I HAVE to dumb to a level where I can make the dumb one's realize their mistake in their thought process.  

Now, let us critically analyse the events. I will start with Afzal Guru. I have myself studied the full text of the judgement delivered on him three times myself. So, every person who argues with me SHOULD at lest study it one time and then argue with me factually on the merits of the case. You don't need to be a lawyer to understand a court judgement. Yes, for delivering a judgement or argue in court you should have a law degree but NOT to understand it. You need to only understand an Indian Language and some rational thinking capacity. So, please open this authentic link and download the pdf version of the judgement and study the whole document carefully which is of 153 pages and understand all the sides then make up your OWN opinion based on your own intelligence. You don't need to have faith to make up your rational argument. My stand on the judgement is that the punishment was JUST, BUT hurried which in turn saved the masterminds behind the attacks. I am happy to change my position on this if you have the patience to go through it at least once. Till then you are not qualified enough to argue on Afzal guru topic and you are just relying on faith which is an irrational way to argue which I am not interested in doing.

Now, This judgement clearly says that (only the controversial points) : 
  1. Guru was NOT involved in any of the terrorist organisations at all. 
  2. The provisions on which he was punished was POTA (prevention of Terrorism Act) which at the present day is NOT valid in any court of law.
  3. The death penalty was given to satisfy the "moral conscience of the nation" and not on the basis of guilt or innocence of the accused.
Now many Supreme Court Judges in the past has clearly spoken that the judgement is false. Does that make them Anti-National? It is high time that the Indians come out of this faith mentality that you always need to have "faith" in the judicial system. No, you need to have trust over judicial system and you should always expect the judiciary to behave neutrally. But that does not mean that judiciary can't make mistakes and it cannot be criticized. And please don't show me that TV interview of Afzal guru to prove your point because that interview was rejected to used as an evident by the court. In a true sense of democracy these things matter the most. I have clearly defined who is a traitor and who is a patriot in my previous post. Referring to it, as per my understanding , Umar Khalid does NOT become anti-national. I have many disagreements with his methods and with his ideologies but that does still not allow me or anyone else in the India to even touch him. 
When a person enters your house and kills you, it is not called a clash. It is an assault. The Violence that happened in Ramjas, almost all of the ABVP goons were NOT Ramjas students. Some of them not even from DU. Then what the hell they were doing at 10:00 am in Ramjas? I would like to appeal to all the progressive Indians so reply and hit them hard. We should reply binaries with the binaries. The way the ABVP people pulled hairs of girls, dragged them along, pelted stones on them. 

By their own standards which the ABVP applies should be done to Kashmiris, they should be shot point blank with real guns. 
The ABVP side of the story here is that the people from AISA shouted the following slogans,
"Kashmir Maange Azaadi"
"Bastar Maange Azaadi"
That set. These two slogans. These slogans does not make anyone anti-national. Everyone has a right to have an opinion about Kashmir or Bastar (which is enraged with a civil war at the moment) constitutionally. Let's look at some work of the Delhi police here. I still don't understand if the Police was not there to protect the organisers what they were doing there. The Quint released this video below.

The whole incident proves that every person associated with ABVP is a potential RAPIST. Those who were perpetrators of that incident are directly involved so they are anyways molesters. But even those who are not involved and support this action of mass molestation and thuggery are guilty with guilt by association. So, whenever you see someone from ABVP or a supporter of ABVP, you must be careful as you are seeing a potential RAPIST at that point of time. The only way this tag of a potential rapist will go if that person disassociates himself/herself from ABVP effective immediately. 

Now, I will end this with addressing those self proclaimed lecturers who lecture us about student politics. Yes students are there to study and to shape the future of the nation. This students politics is a PART of that study. So, please don't lecture students on what they should do. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Virtual Power

In the movie Raanjhanaa (2013) there is a scene where the party workers of All India Citizen Party (AICP) are setting up tents for their rally and suddenly police arrives and starts removing the tents with help of their force. Suddenly, Zoya starts a fight with the police and the following dialogues happen.

Kundan: रिकॉर्ड तो नहीं किया ? (did you record?)
Kundan's Friend: हाँ! हो गया। अपलोड करना है क्या ? (Yes! It's done. You want it uploaded?)   
Kundan to police guy: कोई बात नहीं। मैं देख लूंगा। और सर , अगर ये इलेक्शन में हम दो सीट भी जीत गए न तो ट्रांसफर नहीं  करवाएंगे आपका। पक्का ! (Don't worry, I will handle it. And sir, if we manage to win even 2 seats in the next election, then we will not transfer you for sure.)
Police Guy : अरे सर। हमें भी तो ऊपर से आर्डर आते हैं न ! वैसे हमारी आपसे कोई ज्यादती दुश्मनी तो है नहीं।(Oh Sir! We also get orders from above. Isn't it? Otherwise we dont have any personal animosity towards you) Sorry!

This above scene is one such example of showing what I call as a "Virtual Power". It means that you don't have any real power/position/authority over something but you still control it with a probability that you soon will have. So, mathematically it depends on a certain probability say "P", whose value always ranges from 0 to 1. It is very difficult to define it formally so I will try to give some understanding of it using various examples by this post. One of a definitive example is the recent US Presidential Elections in which Donald Trump swept through. Now, after the win, he is called the "president elect", because the term of the old president Obama is still there. At the present time the real power is still held (temporarily) by Obama but Trump has virtual power. So, any police department etc. will think twice before taking any action against Trump. Now, since Trump has won the elections, the probability P = 1 here. It is one of the trivial example of virtual power which lasts for months.
In the Indian political context, the use of virtual power is in abundance throught the history. The trivial examples are obviously after every election results which lasts for some days just between the election results and the oath-taking ceremony which what last for months in USA. However, majority of the times we Indians thrive on the use of non trivial virtual power. In one of my previous post, the addressing of JP was a display of virtual power by JP to Indira Gandhi after which using the real power she declared emergency in India. The impact of this virtual power can be seen in the jails were the leaders were kept. The policemen were often very nice to them as compared to other inmates. The value of P here was very close to 1 which can be concluded by the 1977 election results. Another of these incidents was displayed by L. K. Advani during his famous rath yatra when Lalu Prasad Yadav arrested him in bihar and the coalition government in the center fell down. In 2013-14, this virtual power was exploited a lot by the current prime minister and the then chief minister of the Gujarat state Narendra Modi. That is the primary reason that most of the news media succumbed into him and he was covering more than 90% of the advertisements in the news and most of the media did not raise any questions on him.

In the present time this strategy of showing virtual power is very smartly used by two politicians in two entirely different ways. I am talking about Arvind Kejriwal and Nitish Kumar. Currently Kejriwal has real power in Delhi but is being obstructed on a daily basis by the BJP in center using the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. So, he is campaigning in Punjab and showing his virtual power to his opponents in form of the huge crowds that he is receiving in Punjab. In most of the unbiased surveys AAP is getting 95+ seats out of 117 so it is highly probable that they are crossing the three figure mark.
So, In punjab the value of P tends to 1 so the virtual power is highly effective here. The similar thing he is doing in Goa where most of the unbiased surveys give 15+/40 seats to AAP as the largest party in the place at the present time which is bound to increase in the next two months. Two questions come to mind.
1. What will happen when they will form the two governments?

2. But how will a small delhi based party get recognition nationally?
Look at the image on the right. They will start to get more and more acceptance in the country. The next election after that will be in Gujrat which will happen in December 2017. Effectively that gives them a time period of about 9 months to move their organisational skills in the Gujarat elections. Adding to the anti-incumbency of about 15 years will give them high chance there.

And continuing it to Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh just by using this virtual power play they can win these places one by one because of the time gap between the elections. Finally, the Aam Aadmi Party will be going to the national elections in 2019 with having the state governments in at least 8 states. The value of P as per my understanding here is about 0.9. The big task is to 'unhide' the hidden support base of AAP to gain the virtual power that is required by them.

The way Nitish is using the virtual is more of like an intelligent bluff in a poker game. While Kejriwal is relying on the people for his virtual power, Nitish on the other hand is relying on the politicians. The plan of Nitish Kumar seems to be making tactical political alliances as he is always known for throught his political career. Currently he has the real power in Bihar with RJD as his allaince partner who was his opponent earlier on. But since BJP also has enough seats for him to have a majority required for the government, he is silently flirting with BJP. This was very much visible in the recent demonetization exercise. When he supported the idea but opposed its implementation. He has also rooted for his liquor ban program in UP not for any direct electoral benefits but indirect ones gaining allies. Currently he is trying to get allied with either Akhilesh Yadav or Mayawati using the virtual power that he can show by going soft on BJP policies who will very happily accept him as allies. So, here in reality he is allied to none of the three but he is using the virtual power on each of them for an alliance and they will bring the electoral votes for him in 2019 if any such allaince happens. Quantitatively, I am guessing the value of P here will be very close to 0.8.
After the Demonetization/Currency Exchange move the BJP will be completely defeated by this political strategy. The forces of politicians and public that Nitish and Arvind respectively are trying to create here can may be tackled by the BJP individually using their propagandas like they used during 2013-14 when these forces were not strong and were separate. But here Using Nitish's virtual power on Arvind Kejriwal we can have a possibility of another allaince as one united opposition which will be impossible to counter. Now, How can BJP tackle this? There are various ways.

  1. Create Hindu-Muslim Riots using the sangh parivar (RSS/VHP/Shiv Sena/Hindu Vahini etc.) as usual and claim that hinduism is in danger etc. gain a communal virtual power of their own.
  2. Create a binaries by playing the nationalist's game, where whoever opposes BJP/Modi becomes anti-national.
  3. Declare Early elections in their states like Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh.
  4. Create Propoganda of Modi's greatness which is supposed to be admired by the world.
The points 1,2 and 4 have failed miserably in the Delhi/Bihar/Kerala elections. But it may work again as Muzaffarnagar Riots in 2013 benefited them in the 2014 general elections where they won 72 out of 80 seats in UP. Point 3 however is very significant especially to Kejriwal's strategy. The biggest resource Kejriwal has is the time gap between the elections which he is planning to use as gaining the virtual power thereby controlling the resources of the states. BJP cannot win Punjab and Goa now so they can dissolve their governments in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh as early as possible and go for polling simultaneously to Punjab and Goa. In this manner Arvind's strategy will fail because currently there are only hidden huge support of AAP in these states which are controlled by the Myth of small regional party as I mentioned above. This myth can only break if they see further victories of AAP. As of now most of my points that I raised are logical speculations based on the current political scenario in India. Only time will tell how it unfolds in reality.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Propaganda of India and Pakistan

In the last few days, the propaganda machine for creating an India Pakistan war is very active on the social media and even mainstream media. An unfortunate incident happened in Uri where four heavily armed terrorists killed our 18 soldiers in a cowardly attack. This incident came as an opportunity for these TV channels like Times Now, India News, Zee News, News X. It is as if they were just waiting for something like this to happen. The person that benefited the most from this attacks are neither Pakistan nor it's "non-state" actors nor the separatists. The TRP of these news channels in the last few days increased in a huge manner. These "journalists" appear in prime time television showing how "nationalist" they are but in reality they must be celebrating with the death of soldiers because it allowed them to fool the public into the rhetoric of destroying Pakistan. 

Then yesterday our beloved honorable prime minister gave a speech in which he asked the Pakistani counterparts to declare war against poverty, hunger etc. instead of each other. I literally burst with laughter. I felt pity for the BJP bhakts who were going gaga over PM's rhetoric before elections how they have to pathetically change their position now. But in a way it was good at least he got educated from a JNU student that the real fight should be against poverty instead of soldiers. 

I also watched another silly and meaningless speech of Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani prime minister in the UN, where he was constantly speaking about "Kashmir" as an "Occupation". While I agree than there have been atrocities in Kashmir by the Indian state in Kashmir. A lot of atrocities which I discussed at length in one of my previous post. But I doubt the intentions of the Pakistani prime minister as anything but "humanitarian" when the nature of the entire Islamic Republic of Pakistan is that of one of the biggest exporter of terrorism. 

Let me ask you a question now. Suppose you are working in the department of foreign affairs in USA and your job is to take visa-interviews of the students applying to study in the USA. You got two applications for visa, one from India and the other from Pakistan. Now, both of them are waiting in the reception for you to call them for the interview. Now, can you recognize their nationalities  just by looking through the window easily (assuming they are not carrying anything which blows away their nationality) ? You CANNOT!! I see no difference between an Indian and a Pakistani. We both speak the same language, we both eat similar food, we both even love cricket. So, What is Pakistan? Is it really a country? I consider it as a FAKE entity whose only existence is based on a stupid religion Islam and hatred of India. It was created by the bogus "two nation theory" proposed by that British agent Jinnah. It was created on a FAKE Hindu Muslim animosity which I discussed in the post on the Independence Day. 

It is not in the interest of the European countries (or their businessmen with vested interests) or the USA or Russians for that matter that India (which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh too) should develop and emerge as a superpower or at least emerge as a significant Economic Power in the world. It is because they have always been insecure of us and throught the course of history, we were better than them. So, they always play the divide and rule game with us. Sometime the US will supply weapons to Pakistan and Russia will supply weapons to us and the arms industry in both the countries enjoy the fight with a popcorn while their business flourishes exponentially. I suspect that now the prime ministers of both India and Pakistan has also entered the market. They use their political rhetoric to get their vote banks. In India, Modi will blame Pakistan for everything whenever anyone will question his incompetence of governance and in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif does the same. 

Now, these warmongers who show immense desire for a war between India and Pakistan have really no IDEA what will cost India to go on war even if Pakistan was not a nuclear state. It will bring India back at least a decade. Even a 14 day short war will cost India 2.5 Lakh Crore INR. Really? Can we even afford that? So, WAR is STUPID. When you blend education and hatred in a society, you give birth to creative violence. To all the political parties in India and Pakistan, please understand what you are doing. If you create an atmosphere of fear and hatred, then that is what they will learn.

Let me introduce you to GurMehar Kaur. She is the daughter of an Army Man who was killed in the kargil war. Here is what she said in April much before the attacks. Little did she knew that she will be declared as traitors by her own countrymen who she loves. Who takes the responsibilities of the Army-men who get killed in this war. Who are they really dying for? They are just dying for the government or the political parties in the governments certainly not for the people. 


So, What should we do with Pakistan? How do we deal with it? The biggest problem with our current regime is that most of the people in the regime including the PM ,the home minister and the defense minister talk in the air and have NO coherent policy on Pakistan. Perhaps that may be the reason that we had sadly a hat-trick of terror attacks in the current regime and no one is taking accountability over it. It's NOT EASY! I get it! and even at many levels it is damn difficult. First fundamental question which many people in India face dilemma are 
  • How on earth you know who you are talking to? 
  • are they true representatives of the state? 
  • Whether the people you are talking to have the authority that you have in your own government.?
  • If there is a military standing behind the civilian government pulling the strings of the civilian government 
We have seen the Americans cutting through and directly talk to the generals. We can not do that. It is in our interest that we shower the democratic voices up however weak it is. Another big complication is that, "you can't make peace when a gun is pointed at you". Every time whenever a gesture of peace has been shown from India an attack happens or a bomb goes off. Obviously, these are not the things that we can indefinitely put up with. But at the same time we can't neglect Pakistan!  They are a PRESENT REALITY. We must do what we can on the person to person front. People to People contact must INCREASE among the two parts of the same country. We SHOULD be more generous towards the visas than the Pakistanis are. We must open up the space for person to person contact. I am not ready to accept an argument that it will encourage the terrorists. NONE of the terrorist who come to us applied for a visa. They came through other routes including those who came in 26/11. Raj Thackeray is a fraud who is just cashing  on the opportunity that came to him after the attacks because he had lost every election that he fought. The one's who apply for visas are the people who by and large have interests in India. Any mostly they go with enhanced good-will. Both Indians and Pakistanis are amazing hosts at the common people level. We should also open up trade but not for the crony capitalists but for the greater good of humanity. My point is, Let us open up the space in peace and create more vested interest in peace itself in order to make it more and more difficult for that space to be narrowed down and destroyed by the enemies of peace who are very much present in the armed establishment and the "non-state" actors as they call it which Pakistan seems to generate in such large number. The speech of the Indian PM was fine. The only question is when will it come into actions instead of vote bank speeches. Only a filthy minded individual will see a terrorist in Wasim Akram or Fawad Khan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and see Abhijit as a patriot who is nothing more than a hatemonger having ideology of a terrorist.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Curious Case of Bakrid

The ideology behind the festival Eid-ul-Adha famously known as Bakrid in India is a stupid one but the way it is celebrated (by slaughtering animals and eating) is not! Let me explain!
It began with a dream in which an imaginary character "GOD" {Which Does Not Exist (full form of WDNE) in real} demanded the sacrifice of the child as a proof of allegiance to itself. And that fool even agreed to it even the child agreed to it! When he was about to do it apparently out of nowhere, the voice said that instead you sacrifice one of your pet animal. So, basically the sequence of Event could have been unfolded as I quote something which I saw from on a facebook page,

*God roams around the universe managing billions of galaxies*
*Gets bored*
*Visits middle East on planet Earth, solar system, Milky way galaxy in a remote cluster (old number 13, new number 4327)*
God: "Hey Abraham!"
Abraham: "Yes God?"
God: "Kill your son and prove your loyalty to me"
Abraham: "Okay God."
God: "Lol. Jk. Just kill a goat or something."
Abraham: "Okay God. I will celebrate this every year by killing a goat"
God: "Cool. Am now happy. This pleases me"
*gets back to his job of managing the universe*

And thus this tradition began, "A festival of sacrifice". In reality it is a "Festival of feast" of which I have no objection. Let's hit some microeconomics here. The meat of a bakra is a tasty one and in India it is really costly (more than 400 INR/Kg as compared to chicken 120 INR/Kg or beef Rs. 90/Kg) so eating in bulk saves you money. By bulk I mean one male goat which is "sacrificed" in bakrid costs about 4000 INR (in areas of Bihar) and it contains roughly about 25 Kgs of raw meat so obviously it is way cheaper rather than when you buy in just to consume 1 Kg in market.  Apart from that, as per the rules the total meat that is collected after the slaughter of the animal has to be distributed into three parts. The first part should be donated to the poor/helpless people. Second part should be distributed to the neighbours in the locality who could not do the "sacrifice" due to various reasons like affordability etc. The third and final part can be consumed by the family and the extended family. So, when just for a day if a poor/helpless person gets a taste of something which is a food of elite (mutton), I will be happy if that happens. Similar cases are for beef or camel meat or other animals. I am sure same kind of calculations undergo there. So, it's like cheap thrills for the poor people :) .

Now my objections to this festival comes when islamic people claim that it "teaches" you something like values and sacrifice. Yes, in life we have to sacrifice a lot when we deal with our day to day stuffs. I dont think u need any more "teachings" of sacrifices by a simple slaughter of an animal. It does not teach you sacrifice in any manner. Even if I go by the complete deeper islamic understanding which says that you should slaughter that animal which you have reared for at least an year. Even though I agree that a compassion may be created in an year by rearing the animal but doing it every year will remove it and then it will only become an act of formality. I am an ex-muslim so I have experienced it first hand. Even the family members who do this as a ritual of some sorts say that it's a bad ritual because sensitive people can't afford to do that. And these comments come from hardcore muslim theists. 
On social media as usual other religions which are equally fake as islam start doing whataboutery on the occasion of  Bakrid because many environmentalists protest their religious customs of wastage of water in holi or pollution by diwali crackers etc. So, they come up with a bad illogical stand on "innocence of animals". Humans by nature are omnivorous and not carnivores or vegetarians. Our digestive systems as well as our teeth structure is designed for consuming both the veg as well as non-veg foods. There should never be a restriction on anybody on the type of food they choose to eat unless they are eating an endangered species. Now please dont put silly question like what about eating human? There is a big difference between over-brutality and consumption of animals for the purpose of eating. An animal life can never be compared with the humans. Thats how food chain works. Otherwise all humans will become mass murderers for murdering millions of bacteria every second while breathing. So, those kind of religious whatabouteries are just an example of "Oh! my religion is better than yours"! These slaughter of animals are not harming environment in any manner and it's just maintaining the ecological food chain balance.
So basically my objection is more oriented towards the principles of the festival rather than the ritual. There is nothing wrong with the ritual only thing, it should not be forced upon anyone (the slaughtering part). What if the "almighty"(WDNE) changed his/her/its mind today and say, wait wait kill your son. So then the person would say, "Sure, every year I will have a new kid and will kill him for you" 😂 . That's why religion is such a stupid thing. All the religions are so much susceptible to fanaticism. Today, when a person goes to kill his son claiming that in his dreams god came and ordered him, the person will be behind bars. This is the basis of the entire festival. I question that basis. The entire basis of this is extremely stupid!
My suggestion is to celebrate is as "A festival of feasts" in which people from all categories like vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians can come and celebrate it. Buy a good quality fleshed animal and some 10 Kgs of Vegetarian fruits and vegetables  then distribute it into three categories as is followed culturally for fleshes only. So, this will give you about 25 Kgs of flesh and 10 Kgs of vegetables. I think in the world when we compare the vegetarians and non-veg people they are in the same proportions (2:5). Isnt it?  This can be done by both the vegetarians and  nonvegetarians. The vegetarians may not eat the flesh themselves but they certainly can help a poor family consume this elite meat. Also, there should not be discrimination on chicken/mutton/beef/sheep/camel etc. It should be based on choice of a person. If you are a chicken freak like me, you have to buy about 20 Cocks/Roosters and it will be a bit tedious as well as costly to do the slaughtering so many times. So, I will buy one of them for consuming and a male goat for distribution of flesh.
Have an enjoyable "feast". Eat and help others to eat.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Yes, so we indians are going to celebrate our Independence day for the 70th time. There can be many views both pessimistic and optimistic about the nation on where it stands today. When we look at the social media we can see that many people (including me sometimes) behave like children on various issues concerned. I am still on the optimist's side. No, for me there is no "neutral" opinion regarding this issue. The britishers were the worst kind of looters that indians have experienced in the past. Many of my friends believe that india was better with the britishers than they are with the present kind of politicians. Such kind of thoughts are not only regressive but factually wrong. Let me present some of the facts here. 
Before the british arrived in Indian shores, the share of Indian economy GDP worldwide was 23%. By the time the british left it was below 4%. Why? Simply because India was being governed for the benefit of the britishers. The rise of the "great" british empire was financed by its oppression that was done on India. In fact the british industrial revolution was premised upon the de-industrialisation of India. For instance, the handloom weavers of India who were famed across the world at that time and their goods exported around the world, the british came riding, smashed their thumbs, broke their looms, imposed tariffs and duties on their cloth and products and starved them out of their profession. The british took the raw materials and shifted back manufactured cloths flooding the world's markets with the dark and satanic mills of the victorian England. The weavers in India thus became beggars and the country became an importer of the cloths which was a leading exporter of the clothes earlier. The exports of the nation fell from 27% to 2% of the world trade during this course. By the end of 19th century India was britain's biggest cash cow, the world's biggest purchaser of british goods and exports and the source of highly paid employment of british civil servants. Yes, we literally paid for our own oppression as Mr. Shashi Tharoor said last year in the oxford debate

"No wonder, the sun never sat in the british empire because even gods couldn't trust the british in the dark." - Shashi Tharoor 

Whenever we think of a mass killing the first name that pops up in our mind is hitler who killed about six million jews in germany. What we ignore is churchill whose conduct in india resulted in more million people dying of the artificial famines of bengal. When asked, his reply was, "Why hasn't gandhi died yet? ". Violence and racism were the reality of the colonial experience. So even an Indian beggar could proudly say to any british that they are really living with her/his money.
There is another argument of railways that many people give. First of all these were really meant to serve british interests and not Indian local people. Having said that, many countries have built railways without having to colonize to do so. The purpose of railways was to carry raw materials to be shipped to britain and need of the public was incidental. In fact the railways were built by heavy incentives offered by british investors which was in fact the indian tax payer's money guaranteed out of Indians. All these came at private enterprise (british) at public risk (indian). That was the railways as an accomplishment.
Many say that democracy and rule of law was given by britishers to India. Well, this is also factually incorrect. Also it's really hilarious to say this when you can oppress, enslave, kill, torture people for 200 years and then celebrate the fact that they are democratic at the end of it. We were denied democracy. We had to snatch it, seize it away from britishers. The british democracy just like the athenian democracy was only functioning BECAUSE of the slave society on which it was built. This is how the evil the british raj was.
Much of what the problems that we even see today in India were given by the britishers. What are the two biggest problems in present day India? I say, corruption and communalism. Before the british came the scale of the corruption was really low which was the primary reason of the flourishing economy of the Indian Subcontinent. The britishers rose to power in India by planting the corruption in the ranks of Mughal and other generals who betrayed their own kings and sided with the britishers in the battles. There were no communal riots before the british arrived here. The two biggest groups, the hindus and muslims were living harmoniously before them. The Britishers sought meetings with the religious leaders and planted conspiracies of throwing some cow meat in temples or pork in some mosques thus allowing the Indians to fight other Indians while they fill their pockets. 
So, the Independence is a big thing for us. Many had predicted in the past that Indians were bonded together because of nehru and after Nehru, India will break into pieces. While Nehru was really a reason and a true statesman who laid the foundation of a modern secular india, the Indians were never dependent on a single person. India still survives with all its problems. Many were very depressed after we appointed a stupid person as the prime minister of the country two years back. To them I must say, yes, they are right but even that stupid guy had to control his communal statements to reach there and even though for the sake of power had to pretend to be secular and is pretending to do so. He is forced to recognize the diversity of the country which is against his party's opinions. That is because he sits on the Prime Minister's chair and he somehow understands (to some parts) the repercussions of it. 
Finally, yes we are still struggling, we are in a pathetic condition and we dont treat women, dalits, religious and ethnic minorities properly as we should be. We jail students, kill writers, bloggers who speak opposite to us, kill our own civilians using our army. But there are a lot of good people in this country are protesting and winning against all these oppressions without any whataboutery at this very moment that I am writing all these. All they need is to Unite and move in the Scientific Rational way!

Jai Hind
Happy Independence Day :) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Nationalist Game - Traitors and PatRIOTs

This post of mine is going to offend a lot of people and might even put me in jail if it goes even a little bit viral but I am going to write it anyways. I will explain today why it is so dangerous to play the nationalist game which the current political party who is in power is playing. Over the last six months, it is a topic of great interest whether one is a country loving person or country hating person. It all started with the JNU incident which exposed the childishness of the present central government of tackling the students who are unhappy with the regimes on the issue of education policies. The result being a huge embarrassment for the government nationally and internationally. We have been taught that the national interest is supreme above any individual and its right. I always thought myself as a strong nationalist. The funny thing is no one really knows what a nationalist means. I will do an attempt to define it today.

So, Let's ask ourselves who is a Nationalist? A person who stands on hearing the national anthem, a person who sings and says "Vande Mataram". A person who chants "Bharat Mata ki Jai" on every small achievements of India. Lets make it a definition for a nationalist because majority if not all stick to this definition of nationalism in our country at the present specially in the present regime. Apart from that if the person commits any crime such as Rape, murder etc but follows the above criteria, the person becomes a nationalist.

I on the other hand have always thought a nationalist as someone who loves country and its people. A very simple definition. When I am talking about the people it involves all the people of the country who do not go around disturbing anyone else's fundamental rights. The fundamental rights involves the right to live a life of dignity. It does not involve people who are shouting some silly slogans against the establishment or even the country. I dont care if anyone stands on the national anthem or shouts the slogan "Bharat Mata ki Jai". I love this slogan but I wont force anyone to say it.

But who is a traitor?? The popular definition at the moment after the JNU incident has become whoever violates the article 51A of the fundamental duties of the Indian constitution become a traitor. So, obviously more than 90% of the political parties are traitors in my definition. Even the current prime minister is a traitor by this definition. All these present parties have no genuine love for the country and are crooked, cunning people who just want to be in power and loot the people as much as possible.  Make them fight among each other by inciting riots on the caste and communal lines. Laaloo Prasad Yadav, Sonia Gandhi etc. will also become traitors by this definition. All those abusive trolls on social media become a traitor. Even I will become a traitor by this definition.

My definition - All those people who for the sake of their personal benefits compromise the interest of the masses are traitors to the nation to me. That is my simple definition. Some of the people I named above will still become a traitor but a lot of the people will be excluded. My point is, it is high time that we stop playing this game and categorize people to be traitors and patriots. We should look at the masses to be "people" who are living things and who have nothing to do with this game. A person living in a slum who cant even manage to have two meals a day and sleeps in hunger and shouts "India Murdabad" does not become a traitor.

Now, yesterday i posted some views regarding the Kashmir issue based on this game and people accused me of being provocative. See, that is the danger you pose when you start evaluating and giving certificates of patriotism from some Shakha in Nagpur.  I would like the reader to first see the video below from the movie Haider.

Here this guy is telling about AFSPA which has at least half the blame for the current situation of unrest in Kashmir. The problem is, Kashmir has not been given a proper democracy to function. Majority of the Non-Kashmiri Indians have not read the history of the region but are spoon fed with childish thoughts of "Dhoodh Maangoge kheer denge and Kashmir Maangoge to Cheer Denge" (If you ask for Milk, I will give you Kheer(Indian Rice-milk pudding), If you ask for kashmir, I will tear you apart.) I have always been taught upon from the people that Kashmir is an Integral part of India. What does Integral means? Even the thoughts of a referendum in that area boils the blood of many indians (who may be patriots by aadilian definition above). Many people have accused me of just pointing out the wrongs and not provide a solution to the problem. Many people suggests some solution in a sarcastic manner and then go on to prove how dumb that solution is. I have a message to them.

You want to solve the problem of Kashmir? Well the first step towards solving it will be to treat the Kashmiris with respect and dignity. Treat them like "people", living fellow homosapeans, fellow human beings and not some piece on a chessboard to be used for your convenience. Then you need to relook at the preamble of our constitution.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought , expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.

Secular?? The Prime Minister and his good men have no time to give lip service or attend an Iftaar thrown by the President . A man is lynched because the mob thinks there is beef in his fridge. Democratic?? what a laugh ...ask this to a Hardik Patel,Kanhaiya or an Umar.
Justice?? -30 young kids shot in last two days in the madness of killing a FaceBook Terroriser (not a terrorist)...the guy was yet to fire a bullet ! Think about it logically , Every Young Angry man with a Radical Idea and a fan following does not need to be eliminated ! Liberty? After the censorship of internet and curfews.
Equality?? - Anybody but a right wing Hindu ,in today's India is a child of a lesser God.
Fraternity?? -My fellow Indians you do not even acknowledge let alone protest against the carnage and terror that has been unleashed on the state and people of Kashmir.

Because These people choose to voice their dissent on this treatment they cease to become Indian in our eyes. Because they refuse to die ,we by turning our face away from them try to obliterate our existence. Because they mourn a Burhan Wani and other 2 lakh young ones disappeared or slaughtered, they automatically become terrorists. They mourn the idea of an India lost, a promise from none other than the first Prime Minister of the country yet to be fulfilled , they become anti nationals. Because they demand a retribution for a Kunan Poshpora or a Tufail Mattoo 2010 they become ''Pakistani". Because they ask for revocation of AFSPA they become in our eyes an enemy of the state . Because they refuse to be the present day Indians like us,they become Kashmiris.

My purpose here is not to separate Kashmir from India. I always want Kashmir to be a part of India but with the will of it's people not against it. I want to ask a basic fundamental question now. Suppose Bihar asks for a referendum on whether it should be a part of India or not in the present scheme of Scenarios. Are any of us Indians afraid to do that? We all know the result of such kind of things. more than 95% of people will vote for India than a separate Bihar Nation. Similarly with any other state apart from Kashmir. Many people have given arguments that Since the Kashmiri Pandits have left the valley, such plebiscite is not fair. Now even if we settle all the pandits there which are about 6 lakhs not even even a million still no one will risk the referendum even after the resettlement of  "pure kashmiris". Because its also a case of communal mistrust. Many of very well educated indians believe that the islamic people are a problem of India and there is some special problem in the religion itself and other religions are "reformed" which is a complete gross generalization on a particular community. I want to state to them that there are 1.3 Billion Islamic people in the world and more than 99% of them dont give a damn about suicide bombings etc.

There basic problems are same as ours like food, shelter, clothes, education etc. Anyways, now i have done enough of rhetorics step by step here is my solution.

  1. First and foremost, the AFSPA need to be immediately revoked and the licence to kill anyone whom a human being deems fit should be removed
  2. Demilitarize the area within a year and pump the army where they belong, i.e Borders. Enpower them to control the infiltrators in a better way. 
  3. Open Schools, Library, Industries etc. ASAP in a much larger scales instead of giving packages which we dont know how it is utilized and divert their attention from communalism etc. Follow lady  Olenna Tyrell of  Game of Thrones where she says, "The people are hungry for more than just food, they crave distractions and if we dont provide them, they will create their own and their distraction will likely to end with us being torn to pieces". The article 370 forbids people from holding a private property. It does not stop anyone to make a public school etc. 
  4. Article 370 should remain intact until they will experience at least two generation of real democracy that the rest of India has enjoyed for 5 generations now, whereas their 5th generation has joined armed struggle of freedom.
  5. A massive counter propaganda is needed to let them understand the silliness of the demand of "azaadi" as mere sovereignty but they should demand "Azaadi from poverty" etc. as Kanhaiya the JNUSU president says and demands. It doesn't matter if morality is at stake here just on this point. If a silly religious propaganda can be set up causing unrest then a logical counter propaganda will be much more effective and fast and will cradle the "DUMB" demands
  6. After these steps being implemented properly I am quite sure that even if a plebiscite be held they will choose to be with India rather than alone.
To implement this, we need a leader who is really gutsy and smart. At present none of the three viz a viz Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi has this much capability. Modi and Rahul Gandhi are cowards who just have to grab power does not matter how many people die and suffer for that. Kejriwal on the other hand is honest but not that smart to implement the counter-propaganda that I have in mind. Indira Gandhi, Sardar Patel or Gandhi Himself had these much capability to solve the present crisis in my opinion but during their times, the crisis was not to such a big scale as it is today. It would have been great if Modi flied down to Kashmir with doctors and aid the way he did in Kerala with specialists when there was a temple explosion considering the number of people dying using pellet guns but as I said Kashmiri lives does not matter to the present regime or may be can't because the ones suffered in Kerala were Hindus and elections were approaching at that time.