Monday, August 15, 2011


My thoughts.....
without spots
This is INDIA
There is no-one Ram and no-one ALLAH
hope we all are always united
None is here to make us afraid
LOVE is all clouded
here only one is all of us
airways, rails or bus
fighters put the lighters up
Opposite is always need checkup
Whenever there is any attack
we forget who is white or black
I get often offended
Long ago when AADIL said
doesn't matter with our head
I can make them all dead
Some bulshit people usually come out this way
I really always say
AADILians told me slow down boy you're going to blow it
I told all that I will obey them and I will glow it
All the pains of the nations will be go out
Looking for all about
I will never let them look here even with their pricks
Make them cricks and dipsticks
With all sky without lighters
But with the indian Fighters
Thats not the chronic
We fight with the chopstick
Our car start itself, parks itself autotunes
Not with any type of moons
By the time this message reach the common
just hope that they will not face any dragon

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Aa♥ Aमन @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @


Sunday, August 7, 2011

<--- fRiEnDsHiP dAy --->

Tell me how is it?? It's written by me only! and I am introducing it on the eve of friendship day

forgive me if I have done anything wrong
thats why I am singing this song
I hope that friendship should go long
Isn't that great is our friendship???
That's why I am doing your worship
Hold my hands and always be with me
In future, the depth of this bond I want to see

met with a lot of heart hackers
thats y they named me as troublemaker
gossiping on the blogs, Facebook and Twitter
I opened my eyes and the lighters start to glitter
Pardon me if it's getting to bore
but read it till you get sore
not following the conventions
doing a new invention
that's my innovation
that is all the trouble cultivation

This thing seems to be so fuzzing
And now I am refusing
to break this all fantastic
can this change so drastic??
Every hour, happy hour now
Life is shaky
read the book of Andraki
only thing that is Lackie
was my image of wacky
If I was you
I would have given a big blow
which was never slow
but you still glow

Had a dream I was king
woke up- still a king
Twing it with a swing
b'coz I can do anything
Feel free, but from now on
I'm refusing to ever give up
The only thing I ever gave up
is doing. No more downs and up
too far but still I am singing
Excuse me if my head is too big for this building

Now the troublemaker introduces
himself and asking for excuses
the fans are not for amuses
still the thing confuses
then it's not my faults
if you can clear your vaults
then I can help you in defaults
you think it's a cage
written on this page

This is freaking kills me
till it will be in fill me
dream is going to gleam
it seem to deem and scream
sing this rap with full speed
then only you will succed
hang it up for years to seed
in the satisfaction guaranteed

fight were we should be
Promise me!
You 'll be
Always with me

Sunday, July 3, 2011


This poem I just wrote when I got a headache yesterday (2nd july 2011)... I know many of you ll not like it. But still its my almost the First poem that I am going to share. I am very bad in writings and poetry... So I have no hope that you like it. But still suggestions are welcome. I just tried as I believe "Some things one don't know not necessary that he/she ll never know"...
Har bachha kabhi bada jarur hota hai!!!

Dear Agony
You are made only for me
Residing in my nucleus of my heart
Crawling with getting hurt
Despite of all the desires
Wanted to be someone
whom all admire
failed in all
Desire that never will fall
Like the way like I go to pardon
Mistakes made me all done!
Leave me alone
I am coming home

Showy in the way that they put me through nothing
The real thing was that I was loving
And no one know that I m going far away
Keeping it always true for the way
That’s why we ll break through
But now I don’t care what they say
I am gonna do this for you
I am gonna do this for you
But what to do dear
Nothing much to hear
It’s gonna be alright
But I will still fight

It’s gonna be more than I can take
It’s gonna be biggest I ever make
May be its me my dear Agony
May be its you my dear Agony
Feeling so much lonely
But this love is forever
And no one will come ever
I will allow them never
Why don’t I try to be great power
Always like climbing the Eiffel tower
But lets hand out
And bang out
Whatever happens I don’t care
Hoping that all ll be fair
But my dear Agony
Try o try o try o try
Our journey together left is very less
Nothing is going to be in mess
I gotta smile on my face
Definitely its going to be Ace
Of queens
In the end of my teens
I ll go to all the fires
In spite of my world of desires

Friday, July 1, 2011


So, here I am again... making myself a bit refreshed (may be you also). Oh! Are you worried about my topic... forget that... Is it always necessary to talk about our topic... whatever we type as a heading???

Well, many people think so. And if one will deviate from topic then they will say its totally irritating... its an irritating blog...blah...blah.. (In AADILian Language its called bad-bad {pronounce it in Hindi not in its translation}...) ok fine you want me to come into the topic...right???okk ya thats enough... thats what you are thinking...
But you should know that I don’t care ...

So, where was I ?? ok ya ... I was talking about dimentions !... Oh! I started to talk about it but you made me to be busy in some other things... its okk no need to say sorry... okk fine as you wish coming to my topic...
In the recent few days I encountered some characters which were amazing .. Well I always encounter amazing characters but there were really amazing... So the first character was “OOGWAY” well ...well ...well... He was the turtle in the movie “Kung fu panda”...Well he was really a character like one of my favourite coaches “VM sir”. But he was a multi-dimensional guy according to many people. Many of my close friends think that they are multi-dimensional. Is that so??... According to my point of view I think no one is Multi-dimensional and no one is single dimensional too ... But still no-one can stop anyone from speaking ... So, I let them speak... Earlier I used to make them bleeding from mouth... But now I am so called “SUDHARA HUA BANDA” from the point of view of many of my friends (though I don’t have many and I don’t want many) ... Well... Apologies... I again deviated from dimensions ...ok ... So I mean from single ... that “One should interact in only one subject of interest”... Now... think of it as like this!... If a person starts “reading for pleasure” then reads and reads and still reads... now he just reads... What we can call them... I call them single-dimensional... But some-one can claim that are not studying about only one stuff, they just are interested to STUDY about random stuffs... well, they study a lot I know... But they only study I want to say this ! Its doesn’t matter whether they study about one stuff or more than one what matters is that they just study!!... Nothing else than study... What the hell someone will get by studying?? Well this question ll look senseless to those people as they ll say that ... they study for pleasure ... okkk... I know that you are studying for pleasure But never claim that By just STUDYing, you are a multidimensional person.

Now I am defining Multi-dimensionality. I can say that I may be in near future a multi-dimensional. Completely shocked na?? Its okk lots of shocks are waiting for everyone in near future!! Don’t worry!

In different scales people use many after a certain number... that is I meant that for example In a country the counting starts from one, goes to two and then many... means they tell One person, two persons, then many persons not three persons (Well, this information was given to me by KUAMUDHAN {sorry! If I violated any copy-rights})...

Thats the reason that I am not giving the proper scale for multi-dimensionality. But I am telling how I can become multi-dimensional...
Well, I am interested in... all of you know many things... but I am only interested in all these things till now and from now onwards I am thinking about applying all these things in life... But the biggest question before all that is, What are those things?? Answer lies downwards
• First and foremost “CRICKET”!! Yes no-one can snatch the relationship between me and CRICKET ever... I am confirmed.
• Second is “KARATE” There was a very strange relationship between me and this fellow... I always practiced it in the free times... but after coming to NISER I am fully detached from it. But I am going to reattach from it very very soon...
• Third is “BADMINTON” ... yes that’s a bit new thing to my friends but Its started here in NISER.
• Fourth is “BOOKS”... well that’s a heart attack to my known ones... because AADIL AMAN appreciating book reading is really shocking.. but yes get a heart attack if you want.. I ll do whatever I want. I have also read a book named “OPEN” by “Andre Agassi
• Fifth is “BIKING” .. Yes from the very childhood of mine I am crazy about bikes... but get very less chance of riding ... I have a dream of getting the bike named “MV-AGUSTA” I want to have its F4 version... well that’s my dream so I think I ll fulfil it one day definitely.
• Sixth is “MATHEMATICS” well this fellow is my right hand from the very early childhood of my life and I have got him also here so now the journey will be interesting.
• seventh... well I can’t telL this ... its a secret fOr me... and that thing i ll neVEr tell it here until it ll be fulfilled.. Yet i can tell that Of coUrse a speciAl meSsage is hidden in THis point.. if you cAn find it out then you are welcome.. but I WILL NEVER DETACH THIS THOUGHT FROM MY HEART... and I WILL NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO CHANGE IT.
So, here I am ... I am a seven dimensional person.. well from the mathematical definition of dimensions, they should be linearly independent of each other... But let me remind you this is not “MATHEMATICS” it is “AADILIA” and here AADILian rules will hold and in AADILian definition they can be dependent on each other... just they can’t interfere in any others... And well I ll not allow them to interfere.. so nothing to worry its just NEVER SAY NEVER ... just listened to this song...

So that’s my definition to Multi-dimensions...

Now A sincere request to my all close friends in NISER and DAV... I never meant anything for you guis... PLEASE DON’T MIND IT! Actually Its an AADILian reply to a girl who was my classmate during my plus-two for saying me “SHOWY”... Yes I am showy... and You cannot do anything ... I ll do whatever I want... and THATS my another show –off ... think it take it whatever you want!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


So now it's the end of my 1st year in NISER. I came here at around the middle of July. At that time I was fully confused about my admissions. I never wanted to go for engineering at all but there was no alternative as no one there knew much about any other good alternative. I wanted to go for research. V.KANT Sir suggested me a form named NEST to fill up. He said it was of my type. I appeared in 4 competitive exams (IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BCECE, and NEST) after my board exams of 12th. I qualified the IIT-JEE 2010 but with a very high rank of 9,928 so I was not getting my favourite stream in the IITs. At that time it was very confusing for me to decide to drop the IIT even after getting it. It's all because my one of the favourite coaches of my life V.KANT sir suggested me to not take the admission in that institute where I have to study a subject which I don't like. So I took that decision of dropping the IIT. Then results of AIEEE came up and here I fall down drastically. I got a rank of something around 65,000 and thus taking admission is again a thing of non-interest. Then My state board engineering result came where I got a rank of 27 all around the state and I got the 3rd rank in the OBC category. Thus I decided to go for this admission. It's because I thought that I can never qualify in the vast exam like NEST where there are only 111 seats. I wanted NISER but was thinking that it's out of my reach. So I started collecting all the documents. Just 2 two days before my counselling, The Results of NEST came up where I got an ALL INDIA rank of 394. I got selected for the second round of councelling. So a big confusion arose around my mind. The confusion was that, In the NEST there are 111 seats. But in the second round there were only 9 seats left. I was at the 17th position in the second list. Now if 8 people will not turn up then only I will be able to get admission here. I spent my entire day in thinking that what should I do?? (It may be a little stupid but at that time I had a serious lack of knowledge). Then I finally decided go at my no. 1 preference NISER. If I will not get that one then I shall drop one more year. I came to Bhubaneswar for counselling at that time what I saw, that was enough to make my butterflies in my stomach active. I saw a huge queue at the BOY's hostel in the lunch time. I thought, "AADIL AMAN, you are finished!", But still there was some AADILian feeling left so I thought it's not necessary that all of them are above some of them may be below me . So I will try up to my AADILian level. So I went on then after that they asked for my preference during the counselling and I wrote NISER at the first. Then they verified my documents and my demand draft. They gave me the receipt and told me to go. Thus, my admission got over but I didn't know about that, I asked a very silly question to my another favourite coach V.MURUGANANDAM Sir (at that time I didn't know who he was)- "Sir, have I got it??" Everyone Laughed!!! I also laughed! And when I came out automatically tears floated through my eyes. Finally I did it. I saw my father who also got emotional at that time. So, that was my welcome to NISER.

This turned out to be a solid reply to my opponents in my school. In the school I just have KIRTAYE PRAKASH and for the rest of the people I was the element of joke. So everyone in DAV it was my AADILian reply to them. And this was one of the greatest turns of my life...

I learnt a lot of lessons from this admission.

  • Never underestimate Yourself
  • Everything is possible
  • Failures are the steps towards success
  • And lot more....

Sunday, April 3, 2011


A sunrise is emerged here because I am the part of that nation which is the World champion of Cricket. Yes, I am the part of that country which have to wait for 28 years of sunrises and sunsets for a world cup. Yes, I am the part of that country which has the GOD of CRICKET termed as "SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR".Yes, I am the part of that country where the GOD comes up with tears after achieving the biggest moment of his life.Yes, I am the part of that country who is the world's biggest power of this world in and out of the field of CRICKET.

On the opening of the Finals almost every Indian had a big questions on Dhoni when they got to know that instead of Ashwin, Shreeshant is playing. After that what he did was He promoted himself up the order of batting inspite of the fact that yuvi was in brittiant. DHONI told these people that,

we carry choppers on our necks

call it cut throat

we, bury cowards on the set

that they come from

we, know magic turn

weed smoke to gun smoke

we, ball first when we ride

you, in a hearse when you ride

Thats what they told to them.
It was wonderful I am sharing the Highlights of the Final match from Youtube. I hope You will enjoy that,

Thats y I say that,
So steal all that you can
The magic you began
Let's shout! Break out!
Come on once again let's hear it
"The World Champions are back"

Thursday, March 31, 2011


A few days back I got a chance to meet the famous innovation guru, Sam Pitroda. Such an awesome personality!!! Before attending his talk, I was thinking that It's going to be another boring political lecture. But after listening to his words, I got a new hope for my Life. Now I made several promises to myself, and I think I started following them also,these are:

I will never fall in emotions(any type), with anyone.
 I will take every decision professionally not emotionally.
 I will separate my personal and professional life.
 I will ensure always that I should win by hook or crook, whatever happens to others I don’t care.
 I will never bother about anyone telling anything to me. If anyone trying to demoralising me then I will ensure that He will also be demoralised by me double what that person would have thought.
 I will give my best performance from now onwards.
 I will sleep less and try to wake up early.
 I will start playing Cricket.
 I will start working in Gym.
 I will try to become an all-rounder.
 If any power will try to attack me, I will destroy that power.
 I will develop my verbal intelligence, musical intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, and body movement intelligence, intelligence to understand oneself, intelligence to understand others, naturalistic intelligence, and existential intelligence.

Yes, It seems like a day-dream. But I have calculated the expectation value of my Success. I can say that Its relly too low but not zero it certainly is greater than zero. My wave function of this I took is WHISHES, which is evenly distributed in this world and thus is an even funtion. Certainly Its integral is never going to be zero!!!!
My lesson is,
:::::::::::::::Belive in yourself! The world be at Your Feet:::::::::::::::::

Friday, March 25, 2011


This time, the world cup is full of excitement, India is going blowing everyone. In this world cup I observed an interesting phenomenon. On one hand There is a variation of teams as usual. But apart from that this world cup became the evidence of 18,000+ runs. In this world cup, I didn't like the way INDIA got defeated by the protease(South Africa). When the two openers were murdering the balls of Dale Steyn it was a real fun. Also the amazing moment was the one when INDIA defeated the Aussies (AUSTRALIA) I have a question here You know why I wrote @)!! Oh! try to type 2011 with shift key pressed.
So, our team is,
2. Virender Sehwag(VC)
3. Sachin Tendulkar
4. Gautam Gambhir
5. Virat Kohli
6. Yuvraj Singh
7. Suresh Raina
8. Yusuf Pathan
9. Harbhajan Singh
10. Zaheer Khan
11. Munaf Patel
12. Ashish Nehra
13. Praveen Kumar
14. Ravichandran Ashwin
15. Piyush Chawla
This is the best possible combination as many people were saying before the tournament. But I feel slightly different, I agree with the fact that this team is super talented But there are some faces which are missing who must deserve the place in the squad instead of some people listed above. Like I don't understand why Nehra is in the team, What he did against South Africa is enough for us.
But I can't understand one more thing, Why DHONI had not given any chance to PRAVEEN KUMAR. Such a tented player and so economical.
But I appreciate one thing that this team has so much talent!! even It is more talented than that of 2003 WC. But there is one thing missing till now, They don't have the ZEAL that the team of GANGULY had!! I can list the strength of this team as if I have to give marks to this this team out of ten the I will give them as
(1) batting : In batting I can give them 9.5 out of 10 as according to me they are the best batsmen in this world. We have experience and power of Sehwag, yuvraj, Dhoni, gambhir. Whereas Virat kohli and Raina are also evolving in this team. Apart from all these we have the most unpredictable YUSUF PATHAN. On his day the opposite team is definitely going to be murdered. Apart from all that The most powerful trumph card is the GOD of cricket itself ,
"SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR". My god what a player!! changed the style of cricket!!!...
(2)bowling : In bowling I find the Indian team is slightly behind, Apart from Zaheer everyone else is struggling in india. I will give this team 5.5 out of ten.
(3) Fielding : Fielding has improved a lot in this team. Raina, Yuvraj, Gambhir, and kohli added a boom to the Indian team.
I will give them 8.25 in fielding.

Its the second blog that I am posting It happened many time that I want post something interesting sometime but I didn't get the opportunity to post at that time, because I end up doing something else. Hope I didn't bored you!!! :) :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Welcome to my BLOG"

All I can say that I have reached the saturation state where no one can defeat me!! you know y?? its because I am already defeated by my life itself. Formally hello everyone! this is "AADIL AMAN" 18 years old boy who had a lot of desires once. But started blogging because now he has nothing for his life. But thats not the end of the story there are certain set of principles of AADILIA which I will follow from now.







Apart from all these there are many other principles of AADILIA that you will know while interacting with me ..........
So wait and watch because there are many other coming........