A few days back I got a chance to meet the famous innovation guru, Sam Pitroda. Such an awesome personality!!! Before attending his talk, I was thinking that It's going to be another boring political lecture. But after listening to his words, I got a new hope for my Life. Now I made several promises to myself, and I think I started following them also,these are:

I will never fall in emotions(any type), with anyone.
 I will take every decision professionally not emotionally.
 I will separate my personal and professional life.
 I will ensure always that I should win by hook or crook, whatever happens to others I don’t care.
 I will never bother about anyone telling anything to me. If anyone trying to demoralising me then I will ensure that He will also be demoralised by me double what that person would have thought.
 I will give my best performance from now onwards.
 I will sleep less and try to wake up early.
 I will start playing Cricket.
 I will start working in Gym.
 I will try to become an all-rounder.
 If any power will try to attack me, I will destroy that power.
 I will develop my verbal intelligence, musical intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, and body movement intelligence, intelligence to understand oneself, intelligence to understand others, naturalistic intelligence, and existential intelligence.

Yes, It seems like a day-dream. But I have calculated the expectation value of my Success. I can say that Its relly too low but not zero it certainly is greater than zero. My wave function of this I took is WHISHES, which is evenly distributed in this world and thus is an even funtion. Certainly Its integral is never going to be zero!!!!
My lesson is,
:::::::::::::::Belive in yourself! The world be at Your Feet:::::::::::::::::

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