A sunrise is emerged here because I am the part of that nation which is the World champion of Cricket. Yes, I am the part of that country which have to wait for 28 years of sunrises and sunsets for a world cup. Yes, I am the part of that country which has the GOD of CRICKET termed as "SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR".Yes, I am the part of that country where the GOD comes up with tears after achieving the biggest moment of his life.Yes, I am the part of that country who is the world's biggest power of this world in and out of the field of CRICKET.

On the opening of the Finals almost every Indian had a big questions on Dhoni when they got to know that instead of Ashwin, Shreeshant is playing. After that what he did was He promoted himself up the order of batting inspite of the fact that yuvi was in brittiant. DHONI told these people that,

we carry choppers on our necks

call it cut throat

we, bury cowards on the set

that they come from

we, know magic turn

weed smoke to gun smoke

we, ball first when we ride

you, in a hearse when you ride

Thats what they told to them.
It was wonderful I am sharing the Highlights of the Final match from Youtube. I hope You will enjoy that,

Thats y I say that,
So steal all that you can
The magic you began
Let's shout! Break out!
Come on once again let's hear it
"The World Champions are back"

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