So now it's the end of my 1st year in NISER. I came here at around the middle of July. At that time I was fully confused about my admissions. I never wanted to go for engineering at all but there was no alternative as no one there knew much about any other good alternative. I wanted to go for research. V.KANT Sir suggested me a form named NEST to fill up. He said it was of my type. I appeared in 4 competitive exams (IIT-JEE, AIEEE, BCECE, and NEST) after my board exams of 12th. I qualified the IIT-JEE 2010 but with a very high rank of 9,928 so I was not getting my favourite stream in the IITs. At that time it was very confusing for me to decide to drop the IIT even after getting it. It's all because my one of the favourite coaches of my life V.KANT sir suggested me to not take the admission in that institute where I have to study a subject which I don't like. So I took that decision of dropping the IIT. Then results of AIEEE came up and here I fall down drastically. I got a rank of something around 65,000 and thus taking admission is again a thing of non-interest. Then My state board engineering result came where I got a rank of 27 all around the state and I got the 3rd rank in the OBC category. Thus I decided to go for this admission. It's because I thought that I can never qualify in the vast exam like NEST where there are only 111 seats. I wanted NISER but was thinking that it's out of my reach. So I started collecting all the documents. Just 2 two days before my counselling, The Results of NEST came up where I got an ALL INDIA rank of 394. I got selected for the second round of councelling. So a big confusion arose around my mind. The confusion was that, In the NEST there are 111 seats. But in the second round there were only 9 seats left. I was at the 17th position in the second list. Now if 8 people will not turn up then only I will be able to get admission here. I spent my entire day in thinking that what should I do?? (It may be a little stupid but at that time I had a serious lack of knowledge). Then I finally decided go at my no. 1 preference NISER. If I will not get that one then I shall drop one more year. I came to Bhubaneswar for counselling at that time what I saw, that was enough to make my butterflies in my stomach active. I saw a huge queue at the BOY's hostel in the lunch time. I thought, "AADIL AMAN, you are finished!", But still there was some AADILian feeling left so I thought it's not necessary that all of them are above some of them may be below me . So I will try up to my AADILian level. So I went on then after that they asked for my preference during the counselling and I wrote NISER at the first. Then they verified my documents and my demand draft. They gave me the receipt and told me to go. Thus, my admission got over but I didn't know about that, I asked a very silly question to my another favourite coach V.MURUGANANDAM Sir (at that time I didn't know who he was)- "Sir, have I got it??" Everyone Laughed!!! I also laughed! And when I came out automatically tears floated through my eyes. Finally I did it. I saw my father who also got emotional at that time. So, that was my welcome to NISER.

This turned out to be a solid reply to my opponents in my school. In the school I just have KIRTAYE PRAKASH and for the rest of the people I was the element of joke. So everyone in DAV it was my AADILian reply to them. And this was one of the greatest turns of my life...

I learnt a lot of lessons from this admission.

  • Never underestimate Yourself
  • Everything is possible
  • Failures are the steps towards success
  • And lot more....

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