This poem I just wrote when I got a headache yesterday (2nd july 2011)... I know many of you ll not like it. But still its my almost the First poem that I am going to share. I am very bad in writings and poetry... So I have no hope that you like it. But still suggestions are welcome. I just tried as I believe "Some things one don't know not necessary that he/she ll never know"...
Har bachha kabhi bada jarur hota hai!!!

Dear Agony
You are made only for me
Residing in my nucleus of my heart
Crawling with getting hurt
Despite of all the desires
Wanted to be someone
whom all admire
failed in all
Desire that never will fall
Like the way like I go to pardon
Mistakes made me all done!
Leave me alone
I am coming home

Showy in the way that they put me through nothing
The real thing was that I was loving
And no one know that I m going far away
Keeping it always true for the way
That’s why we ll break through
But now I don’t care what they say
I am gonna do this for you
I am gonna do this for you
But what to do dear
Nothing much to hear
It’s gonna be alright
But I will still fight

It’s gonna be more than I can take
It’s gonna be biggest I ever make
May be its me my dear Agony
May be its you my dear Agony
Feeling so much lonely
But this love is forever
And no one will come ever
I will allow them never
Why don’t I try to be great power
Always like climbing the Eiffel tower
But lets hand out
And bang out
Whatever happens I don’t care
Hoping that all ll be fair
But my dear Agony
Try o try o try o try
Our journey together left is very less
Nothing is going to be in mess
I gotta smile on my face
Definitely its going to be Ace
Of queens
In the end of my teens
I ll go to all the fires
In spite of my world of desires

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