<--- fRiEnDsHiP dAy --->

Tell me how is it?? It's written by me only! and I am introducing it on the eve of friendship day

forgive me if I have done anything wrong
thats why I am singing this song
I hope that friendship should go long
Isn't that great is our friendship???
That's why I am doing your worship
Hold my hands and always be with me
In future, the depth of this bond I want to see

met with a lot of heart hackers
thats y they named me as troublemaker
gossiping on the blogs, Facebook and Twitter
I opened my eyes and the lighters start to glitter
Pardon me if it's getting to bore
but read it till you get sore
not following the conventions
doing a new invention
that's my innovation
that is all the trouble cultivation

This thing seems to be so fuzzing
And now I am refusing
to break this all fantastic
can this change so drastic??
Every hour, happy hour now
Life is shaky
read the book of Andraki
only thing that is Lackie
was my image of wacky
If I was you
I would have given a big blow
which was never slow
but you still glow

Had a dream I was king
woke up- still a king
Twing it with a swing
b'coz I can do anything
Feel free, but from now on
I'm refusing to ever give up
The only thing I ever gave up
is doing. No more downs and up
too far but still I am singing
Excuse me if my head is too big for this building

Now the troublemaker introduces
himself and asking for excuses
the fans are not for amuses
still the thing confuses
then it's not my faults
if you can clear your vaults
then I can help you in defaults
you think it's a cage
written on this page

This is freaking kills me
till it will be in fill me
dream is going to gleam
it seem to deem and scream
sing this rap with full speed
then only you will succed
hang it up for years to seed
in the satisfaction guaranteed

fight were we should be
Promise me!
You 'll be
Always with me

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