"A Fusion of Memories"

Like the clouds you
Drift me away, far away (yeah)
And like the sun you
Brighten my day; you brighten my day (yeah)
I never wanna see you cry cry cry
And I never wanna tell a lie lie lie
Said I never wanna see you cry cry cry
And I never wanna tell a lie lie lie
---{Colby O'Donis }

{I start here ;) }

You are a symbol of no.1 person in me
Just hanging with you gives action in me
But I am losing my mind
I don't know I am of which kind
was supposed to be the soldier
who never bolws his composure
did nothing but still
opinions came that kill
My mind, it was running out of time
And now it’s a very big crime
and you just left
my heart got theft
In some corners of world
Where you are with yours hairs curled
Why I am supposed to set an example
Still I am just picking the pebble
And I'm so caught in it
I almost feel I'm the one who caused it
Meanwhile my attention came up
When someone said I wrote in the notebook
I just got hurt and had to look
I told thousand times that
Me was not involved in the chat
No mercy came, I asked
What I 've done
You r great said none
I raced myself with future
Which was very brighter.
The person that I heard
In the computer lab
Was enough to make me absurd
I was bit by bit torn apart
Even by winning felt as if I lost
Which made me fully exhaust
In some Kgs of slab
It was almost a slap
Which I got without any crap
That I never performed
My dreaming crashed and deformed
I 've never been perfect
What to do where nothing to select
Now the reader tell me what was my fault
Don't clear your vault
Just tell that it was just a love
or a matter of crap in the above!!!
---Aa♥ Aमन

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