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Riddle Rap!!

here is a riddle
the more you decipher, the more you know me! personally ;)

I am not a convict neither i am so slim
to be able to sing and scream in the gym
Also i am not on mars just on earth with people go grim
I am like an army falling step by step one by one
chasing the flames of LP, the talks i hid them
following the legacy of MS, i just slid them with Eminem

Relax! i ain't comparing myself with shade..  Yes In my dream i was just missing from the edge of a blade My syllables are just crazy looking like a mermaid but that's what i am and that's what i just said Expectations of people that they have just made Yes this is the story of that gate that i entered the school for trade where you people smashed me on my head These bridges just get burnt and and falling apart on my bed

and i am getting blown away with all the bending laws are restricted for me to distracting obstructing and self controlling lose things at will with concluding the dream that was missing i am getting scared an…