Riddle Rap!!

here is a riddle
the more you decipher, the more you know me! personally ;)

I am not a convict neither i am so slim
to be able to sing and scream in the gym
Also i am not on mars just on earth with people go grim
I am like an army falling step by step one by one
chasing the flames of LP, the talks i hid them
following the legacy of MS, i just slid them with Eminem

Relax! i ain't comparing myself with shade.. 
Yes In my dream i was just missing from the edge of a blade
My syllables are just crazy looking like a mermaid
but that's what i am and that's what i just said
Expectations of people that they have just made
Yes this is the story of that gate that i entered the school for trade
where you people smashed me on my head
These bridges just get burnt and and falling apart on my bed

and i am getting blown away with all the bending
laws are restricted for me to distracting
obstructing and self controlling
lose things at will with concluding
the dream that was missing
i am getting scared and pretending to be kissing
but i know that it was kidding
All the flashes of the lightening
and voices i am listening

Yes I am banging the door of god and ringing the bell
But i am sure i can walk straight through the hell 
it's like a feeling which is remorse of falling in the well
two biggest M's that are here with me and creating stories to tell
also there is a living symbiosis startending with A for which i fell
and a game is there played in circle, no need to yell
coz it has ppl like me, MS, Steyn , Lee and Morkel
with wooden sword and a ball creating thrill to propel

Yes i questioned your existence but not the uniqueness
but only i know what i was and which position i possess 
i was there scratching the walls in the tears to process
scars are always there and the remains forever to suppress
i am useless! oh yes! keep thinking like this until i get success
with ABCG's i follow the speed at the peak like an express

not a teacher, not a preacher, but their are lot to decipher
Not so strict believer but i am the best when i am a leader
and control the clock and the soldiers and the heart of the decider
So, all these crap, i tried to rap, but if u hate it, i'll put a slap
which u won't even regret, just tryin to forget
coz u know how accurately i hit the target
i have just ignited myself and and ready to face any bet
with all the stake that i put it to make 
a world bouncing on the biggest lake
just ending it here for you to take

Aa♥ Aमन

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