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My brief views on different topics in India and upcoming blogs

I was really busy with some personal problems and the hectic schedule of my work and studies till now so my apologies on not being that much frequent here as I promised earlier.

Now, as far as intolerance is concerned I will reply to all those people in my blog (I know it is too late and and again my apologies for my hectic schedule..) where I will surely demolish all the arguments. All I can say now is that bihar elections are over long back and this debate is rising day by day so it is PROVED that it was not done by congis for bihar elections to defeat BJP. It is a REAL ISSUE and bringing 1984 or kashmiri pandits to this is simply non-sense.

Regarding honorable PM :- my current views based on his actions till now after 18 months and not his speeches ...he is a nehru-indira wannabe and the biggest comedian of indian politics even more than lalu prasad yadav. If we want to improve our country in reality then the only way is by a proper scientific planning and progress of Science not …

The Game of Thrones of Bihar : - The GRAND ALLIANCE

If you catch the tail of the cow, all you get is dung not votes. This fits a lot to the central government of India. Today's result of the Bihar election showed that,
"Zinda Kaume 5 saal intezaar nahi karti - Lohiya"
I predicted this result 1 month back on my facebook. Many people mocked and laughed at my analysis at that time. I will explain what really happened in Bihar.

It all started with my city Ara. It was a rally of PM modi there. By that time, the battle was neck to neck between both the alliances. It was a complete chess game of politics at that time. The language that PM spoke in that rally hurt the people of bihar as a whole a lot. First he questioned the DNA of nitish kumar. Even politically, this was a big blunder that nitish kumar took complete advantage in his favour. Then in that rally itself he announced a so called grand package of 1 lakh 25 thousand crores instead of talking about special status to bihar. First, the way he announced, it was looking li…

The Game of Thrones of Bihar - Significant Personalities - "Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh"

Welcome to my new series of blogs in AadiliA where I will take you to the high profile election of Bihar 2015. From the last one month I was thinking of writing on this elections and at first I thought of dedicating one of two blog posts on this elections. But now I realize that since my readership of the blog has crossed over 3000 and most of the readers are outside of bihar it is my humble duty to inform them of the situation in as much precise manner as possible. So, this is a bilateral election where two alliances (The Grand Alliance vs The National Democratic Alliance) are contesting for grabbing the throne of Bihar which is a combination of 243 small constituencies. So, it is precisely speaking 243 different elections merged together. Both the sides have both good and bad qualities and the contest is neck to neck till now. You will be meeting a lot of great political personalities who may not be that popular on TV but are really playing a lot of role in this elections. So, Let …

Religious Bigotry:- "The Bloody Legacy"

In the words of one of my favorite authors and fantasy writer George R R Martin of the Game of thrones,

"History is written in blood".

Yes, we read history so that we dont repeat out past mistakes again and again and thus people stop killing each other. But it seems that a lot of stupid people always want to be a part of history. Today we are suffering from insanity. What is insanity? It is doing same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Today as an atheist for the first time I will voice my opinion publicly without fear on my blog. If anything happens to me like someone beheads me or kills me using a trishul or kills me in any manner they are welcome to do so. I am waiting for them :).

Every religion axiomates itself of being the best but the truth is no religion in this planet is even slightly near to something good. I will start with my childhood stories and thus my ex-religion  so called most peaceful Islam. In my childhood days I was filled with the …

Teachers :- How India treats them

Today is teacher’s day. A very happy teacher’s day to all the teachers who guided me till now and nurturing me to what I have become.  I have seen a lot of messages floating around the social media of how great the roles of teachers are in a person’s life. Well, every person knows that so I won’t bore you with the classic textbook messages. Today I will be talking about the real condition of teachers in India. I was in class 4th (it was 2001 I guess and I was the 8 year old kid) when one of my cousins asked me in front of a lot of relatives what I want to become when I grow up. I told them that I want to be a teacher. He asked the reason for it, I replied, "Because, Teachers know everything". They all laughed at me and started making fun of me. They told, it is such a boring and dull job and you will always have to check a lot of copies. Clearly, that was a really prejudiced comment but sadly, today I feel that a large part of our country feels the same way. 
On the day of …

Redemption :- Aahil and Sanam

So after a long long time I am again back at my blog. Probably at the end of this blog post the reader will hate the central character a lot but I simply dont care anymore just like George R.R.Martin. I will face whatever comes in my way smiling. I will share this "fictional" story here in the context of India.

Today Aahil the 22 and half years old guy is feeling ashamed of what kind of man is he. He let down everyone even Sanam who thought of him as the perfect person and he hurt her so badly. It is Sanam's birthday but Sanam hate even the mere presence of him. Sanam hated the word "Aahil" and she hates everything  that reminds her of Aahil. First of all Aahil feels that he is probably the luckiest person on this planet. He was born on planet earth. Merely getting born here has a probability of less than 1/(4 trillion). So, yes he is really lucky to be here on planet earth. Then he was literally lucky to have got such an awesome parents who have brought h…