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Redemption :- Aahil and Sanam

So after a long long time I am again back at my blog. Probably at the end of this blog post the reader will hate the central character a lot but I simply dont care anymore just like George R.R.Martin. I will face whatever comes in my way smiling. I will share this "fictional" story here in the context of India.

Today Aahil the 22 and half years old guy is feeling ashamed of what kind of man is he. He let down everyone even Sanam who thought of him as the perfect person and he hurt her so badly. It is Sanam's birthday but Sanam hate even the mere presence of him. Sanam hated the word "Aahil" and she hates everything  that reminds her of Aahil. First of all Aahil feels that he is probably the luckiest person on this planet. He was born on planet earth. Merely getting born here has a probability of less than 1/(4 trillion). So, yes he is really lucky to be here on planet earth. Then he was literally lucky to have got such an awesome parents who have brought h…