Redemption :- Aahil and Sanam

So after a long long time I am again back at my blog. Probably at the end of this blog post the reader will hate the central character a lot but I simply dont care anymore just like George R.R.Martin. I will face whatever comes in my way smiling. I will share this "fictional" story here in the context of India.

Today Aahil the 22 and half years old guy is feeling ashamed of what kind of man is he. He let down everyone even Sanam who thought of him as the perfect person and he hurt her so badly. It is Sanam's birthday but Sanam hate even the mere presence of him. Sanam hated the word "Aahil" and she hates everything  that reminds her of Aahil. First of all Aahil feels that he is probably the luckiest person on this planet. He was born on planet earth. Merely getting born here has a probability of less than 1/(4 trillion). So, yes he is really lucky to be here on planet earth. Then he was literally lucky to have got such an awesome parents who have brought him up in such a nice manner. He always tried his best to make them proud but unfortunately failed at every aspect of his life. He was a below average student in his school and the same happened in his college time. He tried his best under those given scenarios but he failed literally every time. In his thoughts he is just apologizing to his parents for letting them down every time and not fulfilling their expectations.

Let us go back 3 years... Flashback...

This story is plotted in the year 2012 of the English calendar on planet earth. Aahil was terrified and literally shattered in to pieces when he found out that the girl he was "in love with" from the last 5 years came to his life some months back and used him as a rebound and then vanished from his life like ... "poof!" gone leaving him "alone" to face this monstrous world. He met Sanam through facebook at this moment. Sanam requested him to be a member of his personal group. This was a long distance relationship.

Sanam is a cheerful and a beautiful girl. Sanam was too struggling in her love life in 2012. Till now she met many guys but all the person that she met objectified her. Those guys never treated her and gave her the respect she deserved. And In this way Aahil and Sanam met each other two souls collecting the pieces of their shattered broken heart met with each other. They exchanged their contact numbers. Sanam and Aahil used to share everything with each other and within months they became very close friends. They used to help each other in getting over the past. Aahil was an atheist and his parents were Muslims but the girl that Aahil loved was from Hindu religion. This was seen as a crime in India. Sanam never cared about these petty things. Aahil loved the logical understanding of Sanam. Sanam used to suggest him various ways in which he can get back that girl. But after a year Aahil gave up. Sanam made him realize about his own self respect and thus Aahil got over that girl.  Meanwhile Sanam too became single and thus marked the beginning of a beautiful and epic love story of Aahil and Sanam

Apart from these things Aahil and Sanam had an awesome chemistry among them. Aahil used to complete the sentences of Sanam before even Sanam used to say something. But all these things apart both of them were still just friends. But soon both of them developed soft corners for each other. One day Aahil broke the silence and thinking that Sanam was sleeping (which Sanam was not) and Aahil in his emotional flow admitted that he loves Sanam on that night of the valentine's day 2013. After that night both Aahil and Sanam pretended that nothing happened that night and were still talking like friends for 4 to 5 months

It was Sanam's Birthday now 30th august. Aahil called her and they both again as usual forgot about the world outside and got lost in each other's world. Sanam asked him a question.

S:- hey, tell me one thing! Do you have feelings for me now? Be honest!
A:- Are you mad? how can it be? I love ***** (that girl) na. I still love her.
S:- Really?
A:- Yes
S:- Okay!
(after 4 hours of talking)
A:- I love u Sanam
S:- I love u too
A:- see... i told u na..
S:-No, Tell it with feelings na..

But wait this story does not revolve only around the idea of intimacy. Both of them were responsible to their families too. Aahil always used to tell Sanam about focusing on studies etc. Sanam was Aahil' s support before every exam. Something changed. That below average guy started performing above average in the exams and Sanam too started doing well in the academics. Both of them were enjoying their time of lifetime. Sanam was preparing for her job interviews and Aahil used to be her strength and Aahil used to prepare for his higher studies and Sanam used to encourage him here. But all these happiness were until then Sanam tried to tell this to her parents and others and then the bomb exploded.

Suddenly Sanam realized that nobody will approve their relationship of different religions. Aahil told her to think logically and stay with her. Aahil assured her that nothing will happen if they both stayed together. Aahil also faced similar things at his family's response. Both Aahil and Sanam loved their families and both of them were struck in a dilemma now. Aahil thought that Sanam was giving up at this moment. Aahil became scared and thus Aahil pretended to Sanam that he is going to die very soon. In reality he was not but just to get Sanam back on the love track Aahil pretended that he will die very soon. Sanam came back fully focused on Aahil now. But then again when things became normal the same family drama started. Aahil again did the same thing. Aahil hated doing these things but he sacrificed all his ideals just to get Sanam. Sanam blindly trusted him every time and came back. This continued for four months. After that Aahil got caught in this emotional blackmailing! Sanam hated him now. Sanam cut off everything from him rightly so. Today Aahil again tried to contact Sanam but Sanam cant talk to him probably too busy with her family now. Aahil is still thinking that he wished he would have shown some patience at that moment.

Now, it is a period of Redemption and everything of Aahil's life is dependent on a mere chance of probability. Aahil knows that this probability is definitely greater than the probability that the was born. So Aahil now relies on all the memories that Sanam gave him. In the modern world many will call him mad. Now, it is upon the reader to decide, whether he is mad or just....

"These so called laws and culture and rituals and religions of society hold true only till you are poor and weak- AA"

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