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The Game of Thrones of Bihar - Significant Personalities - "Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh"

Welcome to my new series of blogs in AadiliA where I will take you to the high profile election of Bihar 2015. From the last one month I was thinking of writing on this elections and at first I thought of dedicating one of two blog posts on this elections. But now I realize that since my readership of the blog has crossed over 3000 and most of the readers are outside of bihar it is my humble duty to inform them of the situation in as much precise manner as possible. So, this is a bilateral election where two alliances (The Grand Alliance vs The National Democratic Alliance) are contesting for grabbing the throne of Bihar which is a combination of 243 small constituencies. So, it is precisely speaking 243 different elections merged together. Both the sides have both good and bad qualities and the contest is neck to neck till now. You will be meeting a lot of great political personalities who may not be that popular on TV but are really playing a lot of role in this elections. So, Let …