The Game of Thrones of Bihar : - The GRAND ALLIANCE

If you catch the tail of the cow, all you get is dung not votes. This fits a lot to the central government of India. Today's result of the Bihar election showed that,
"Zinda Kaume 5 saal intezaar nahi karti - Lohiya"
I predicted this result 1 month back on my facebook. Many people mocked and laughed at my analysis at that time. I will explain what really happened in Bihar.

It all started with my city Ara. It was a rally of PM modi there. By that time, the battle was neck to neck between both the alliances. It was a complete chess game of politics at that time. The language that PM spoke in that rally hurt the people of bihar as a whole a lot. First he questioned the DNA of nitish kumar. Even politically, this was a big blunder that nitish kumar took complete advantage in his favour. Then in that rally itself he announced a so called grand package of 1 lakh 25 thousand crores instead of talking about special status to bihar. First, the way he announced, it was looking like he was bidding in an auction where bihar is getting sold. Then, the CM nitish kumar debunked the package that day itself and proved that out of the 1 lakh 25 thousand crores, 1 lakh 9 thousand crores are already in allocated budgets of the UPA thus proving that there was in reality NOTHING given in bihar.

After this, some incidents like mulayam singh yadav of SP left the alliance and here Nitish Kumar acted like a mature politician unlike the NDAs. In the NDAs, everything was happening top to bottom. Bihar is a poor state. The campaign of grand alliance was happening door to door on the other hand with a budget of some 100 crores in the whole bihar compared to the mega campaign done by NDA. On the common people, it created an impact of anti-poor sentiments. Local people of BJP like Sharughn Sinha was neglected completely. First mistake that the BJP did was formation of it's alliance partners. Now, on the other hand. Nitish and Lalu formed the alliance and shared the seats in the most natural way possible (101+101+41). They had only 3 parties in the alliance so the management was a lot easy for them. The alliance of the BJPs with Manjhi was a big mistake done by them. BJP entered the caste game in bihar in this manner.

After this incident, came the statement of Mohan Bhagwat on reservations. Reservations is a very sensitive issue across the country. This followed a lot of bloopers that BJP continues that can be just summarised in this pic. By entering the COW politics, they made a big error when Lalu Yadav photoed himself with cows and asked them how are the BJPs the protector of COWs?

Now, I was looking at my facebook timelines which is filled up with many BJP supporters. Some of them even said that,
"Apparently, Indians accept a certain level of corruption in places of power. This is what the victory of RJD appears to indicate. Only when it crosses a certain threshold people react."

I would respectfully disagree on that. The seats and the candidature of the MLAs were decided by the alliance and not by the individual parties. This was a big strategic move by them. Whereas BJP was acting immature. If one is saying RJD is a corrupt party then BJP was the most corrupt party (vyapam scam) at the moment, because it has also shown similar scams like congress. It was a vote to both Nitish and Lalu prasad. Just because RJD won 10 more seats doesn't give them the remote control. The seats were shared in that manner that no one party will get a remote control (101+101+41). Even congress despite doing well this time there have no say because it is almost a 3/4 th majority. Biharis have voted like this from the beginning. 

Now, modi was shouting slogans like, "Bijli mili" (did you get electricity?) and the fact of the matter is Rural electrification rate in bihar has been increased by more than 400%. So, these stuffs will obviously affect the ground voters. He gave a slogan of bijli, paani and sadak. and all three are already delivered by nitish in the last 10 years to a lot better than others. He told about jungle-raaj but if we look at the crime rates in Bihar, it stands at 22nd position nationally then how did it was a jungle-raaj? Also, those people who were abusing lalu etc. clearly had no ground reality knowledge of the reigns of jagannath mishra in 80s. Bihar gave the JP movement, the student movement in 70s and at that time those people from BJP like ravishankar prasad was working under lalu yadav as an assistant secretary only. 

This election implied two very important things. First is that, it increased the stature of Nitish Kumar as a humble and wise national leader taking head on to Modi. Second, it had proved that lalu yadav is still one of the smartest politicians of this country. Narendra Modi tried to copied Lalu's style of 90s politics himself, when he projected himself as a chaiwala in 2014. He made a big error by not even acknowledging his own involvement in the nitish's govt. and the change that was already brought in place. Many of the BJP people told that Nitish had aspirations of becoming a PM. Well, Yes! he had and what was wrong in it? He took a bihar of 2005 (which had some social justice but not economic) and brought it till bihar of 2013. (A big transformation), whereas Modi took a developed Gujarat and maintained a developed one! It was a logical aspiration even if it was. 

Also, due to 2002 Gujarat riots, modi had an image problem. he never took any moral responsibilities and resigned but instead he acted as a victim. Many people has misconception that supreme court gave him clean chit. Well, I suggest, they should read the judgement. On the other hand, Nitish kumar even resigned in his earlier days as a railway minister taking the moral responsibilities. He resigned as the CM after 2014 (which was a mistake as well as a political game!) after the mandate against him in bihar. This elections was a series of contradictions on both the sides but grand alliance had much lesser contradictions because of the background of two of the biggest leaders of bihar which has its roots from JP and Lohiya! 

I wish and congratulate Nitish Kumar for a decisive mandate and wish him to work in even a better manner that he is doing in bihar! :) 

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