The 5th june

5th June 1974,
JP addressing a massive crowd in Patna most of them students,

"You will have to make sacrifices, undergo sufferings, face lathis and bullets, fill up jails. Properties will be attached. Yet in the end, the struggle will be worth it. I speak today of real people's government in one year. In one year, the right form of education will emerge. Give one year to build a new country, a new bihar. This is a revolution, friends! We are not here merely to see the Vidhan Sabha dissolved. That is only one milestone on our journey. But we have a long way to go... After 27 years of freedom, people of this country are wracked by hunger, rising prices, corruption... oppressed by every kind of injustice... it is a Total Revolution we want, nothing less!"

After the speech, Students in the entire state left their colleges for a year and went on to villages to teach underprivileged people at least make them schoolable (to be able to take admission in schools). and many from outside the state too mainly because of two reasons. First being, most educational institutes were highly corrupt with the machinery being controlled by Indira Gandhi. Second being the aura of JP, and the appeal set into motion the JP movement and it was believed to shake the machinery (which it did and later she replied it with the imposition of emergency).
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The result was not that remarkable but still quite good. The literacy rate for the next census was recorded as 32.32% in 1981 as compared to 23.17% in 1971 and 21.95% in 1961. The female literacy rate went to 16.61% as compared to 9.86% in 1971 and 8.86% in 1961. And it should be noted that at that time facilities were not like today so keeping in view, this was a huge change in a positive sense.
This speech was a historic moment in the whole emergency episode and many people tend to not give it that much importance as it deserves.

There is also world Environment Day today that everyone knows and I celebrate it every year by planting a tree. This year I planted a guava tree in my home. Also today is the silver jubilee (25th anniversary) of my parent's wedding.

Today I promise a blog post on every Saturday and Sunday from now on so that I will remove my inconsistencies in the posts. 

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