The Nationalist Game - Traitors and PatRIOTs

This post of mine is going to offend a lot of people and might even put me in jail if it goes even a little bit viral but I am going to write it anyways. I will explain today why it is so dangerous to play the nationalist game which the current political party who is in power is playing. Over the last six months, it is a topic of great interest whether one is a country loving person or country hating person. It all started with the JNU incident which exposed the childishness of the present central government of tackling the students who are unhappy with the regimes on the issue of education policies. The result being a huge embarrassment for the government nationally and internationally. We have been taught that the national interest is supreme above any individual and its right. I always thought myself as a strong nationalist. The funny thing is no one really knows what a nationalist means. I will do an attempt to define it today.

So, Let's ask ourselves who is a Nationalist? A person who stands on hearing the national anthem, a person who sings and says "Vande Mataram". A person who chants "Bharat Mata ki Jai" on every small achievements of India. Lets make it a definition for a nationalist because majority if not all stick to this definition of nationalism in our country at the present specially in the present regime. Apart from that if the person commits any crime such as Rape, murder etc but follows the above criteria, the person becomes a nationalist.

I on the other hand have always thought a nationalist as someone who loves country and its people. A very simple definition. When I am talking about the people it involves all the people of the country who do not go around disturbing anyone else's fundamental rights. The fundamental rights involves the right to live a life of dignity. It does not involve people who are shouting some silly slogans against the establishment or even the country. I dont care if anyone stands on the national anthem or shouts the slogan "Bharat Mata ki Jai". I love this slogan but I wont force anyone to say it.

But who is a traitor?? The popular definition at the moment after the JNU incident has become whoever violates the article 51A of the fundamental duties of the Indian constitution become a traitor. So, obviously more than 90% of the political parties are traitors in my definition. Even the current prime minister is a traitor by this definition. All these present parties have no genuine love for the country and are crooked, cunning people who just want to be in power and loot the people as much as possible.  Make them fight among each other by inciting riots on the caste and communal lines. Laaloo Prasad Yadav, Sonia Gandhi etc. will also become traitors by this definition. All those abusive trolls on social media become a traitor. Even I will become a traitor by this definition.

My definition - All those people who for the sake of their personal benefits compromise the interest of the masses are traitors to the nation to me. That is my simple definition. Some of the people I named above will still become a traitor but a lot of the people will be excluded. My point is, it is high time that we stop playing this game and categorize people to be traitors and patriots. We should look at the masses to be "people" who are living things and who have nothing to do with this game. A person living in a slum who cant even manage to have two meals a day and sleeps in hunger and shouts "India Murdabad" does not become a traitor.

Now, yesterday i posted some views regarding the Kashmir issue based on this game and people accused me of being provocative. See, that is the danger you pose when you start evaluating and giving certificates of patriotism from some Shakha in Nagpur.  I would like the reader to first see the video below from the movie Haider.

Here this guy is telling about AFSPA which has at least half the blame for the current situation of unrest in Kashmir. The problem is, Kashmir has not been given a proper democracy to function. Majority of the Non-Kashmiri Indians have not read the history of the region but are spoon fed with childish thoughts of "Dhoodh Maangoge kheer denge and Kashmir Maangoge to Cheer Denge" (If you ask for Milk, I will give you Kheer(Indian Rice-milk pudding), If you ask for kashmir, I will tear you apart.) I have always been taught upon from the people that Kashmir is an Integral part of India. What does Integral means? Even the thoughts of a referendum in that area boils the blood of many indians (who may be patriots by aadilian definition above). Many people have accused me of just pointing out the wrongs and not provide a solution to the problem. Many people suggests some solution in a sarcastic manner and then go on to prove how dumb that solution is. I have a message to them.

You want to solve the problem of Kashmir? Well the first step towards solving it will be to treat the Kashmiris with respect and dignity. Treat them like "people", living fellow homosapeans, fellow human beings and not some piece on a chessboard to be used for your convenience. Then you need to relook at the preamble of our constitution.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought , expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation.

Secular?? The Prime Minister and his good men have no time to give lip service or attend an Iftaar thrown by the President . A man is lynched because the mob thinks there is beef in his fridge. Democratic?? what a laugh ...ask this to a Hardik Patel,Kanhaiya or an Umar.
Justice?? -30 young kids shot in last two days in the madness of killing a FaceBook Terroriser (not a terrorist)...the guy was yet to fire a bullet ! Think about it logically , Every Young Angry man with a Radical Idea and a fan following does not need to be eliminated ! Liberty? After the censorship of internet and curfews.
Equality?? - Anybody but a right wing Hindu ,in today's India is a child of a lesser God.
Fraternity?? -My fellow Indians you do not even acknowledge let alone protest against the carnage and terror that has been unleashed on the state and people of Kashmir.

Because These people choose to voice their dissent on this treatment they cease to become Indian in our eyes. Because they refuse to die ,we by turning our face away from them try to obliterate our existence. Because they mourn a Burhan Wani and other 2 lakh young ones disappeared or slaughtered, they automatically become terrorists. They mourn the idea of an India lost, a promise from none other than the first Prime Minister of the country yet to be fulfilled , they become anti nationals. Because they demand a retribution for a Kunan Poshpora or a Tufail Mattoo 2010 they become ''Pakistani". Because they ask for revocation of AFSPA they become in our eyes an enemy of the state . Because they refuse to be the present day Indians like us,they become Kashmiris.

My purpose here is not to separate Kashmir from India. I always want Kashmir to be a part of India but with the will of it's people not against it. I want to ask a basic fundamental question now. Suppose Bihar asks for a referendum on whether it should be a part of India or not in the present scheme of Scenarios. Are any of us Indians afraid to do that? We all know the result of such kind of things. more than 95% of people will vote for India than a separate Bihar Nation. Similarly with any other state apart from Kashmir. Many people have given arguments that Since the Kashmiri Pandits have left the valley, such plebiscite is not fair. Now even if we settle all the pandits there which are about 6 lakhs not even even a million still no one will risk the referendum even after the resettlement of  "pure kashmiris". Because its also a case of communal mistrust. Many of very well educated indians believe that the islamic people are a problem of India and there is some special problem in the religion itself and other religions are "reformed" which is a complete gross generalization on a particular community. I want to state to them that there are 1.3 Billion Islamic people in the world and more than 99% of them dont give a damn about suicide bombings etc.

There basic problems are same as ours like food, shelter, clothes, education etc. Anyways, now i have done enough of rhetorics step by step here is my solution.

  1. First and foremost, the AFSPA need to be immediately revoked and the licence to kill anyone whom a human being deems fit should be removed
  2. Demilitarize the area within a year and pump the army where they belong, i.e Borders. Enpower them to control the infiltrators in a better way. 
  3. Open Schools, Library, Industries etc. ASAP in a much larger scales instead of giving packages which we dont know how it is utilized and divert their attention from communalism etc. Follow lady  Olenna Tyrell of  Game of Thrones where she says, "The people are hungry for more than just food, they crave distractions and if we dont provide them, they will create their own and their distraction will likely to end with us being torn to pieces". The article 370 forbids people from holding a private property. It does not stop anyone to make a public school etc. 
  4. Article 370 should remain intact until they will experience at least two generation of real democracy that the rest of India has enjoyed for 5 generations now, whereas their 5th generation has joined armed struggle of freedom.
  5. A massive counter propaganda is needed to let them understand the silliness of the demand of "azaadi" as mere sovereignty but they should demand "Azaadi from poverty" etc. as Kanhaiya the JNUSU president says and demands. It doesn't matter if morality is at stake here just on this point. If a silly religious propaganda can be set up causing unrest then a logical counter propaganda will be much more effective and fast and will cradle the "DUMB" demands
  6. After these steps being implemented properly I am quite sure that even if a plebiscite be held they will choose to be with India rather than alone.
To implement this, we need a leader who is really gutsy and smart. At present none of the three viz a viz Modi, Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi has this much capability. Modi and Rahul Gandhi are cowards who just have to grab power does not matter how many people die and suffer for that. Kejriwal on the other hand is honest but not that smart to implement the counter-propaganda that I have in mind. Indira Gandhi, Sardar Patel or Gandhi Himself had these much capability to solve the present crisis in my opinion but during their times, the crisis was not to such a big scale as it is today. It would have been great if Modi flied down to Kashmir with doctors and aid the way he did in Kerala with specialists when there was a temple explosion considering the number of people dying using pellet guns but as I said Kashmiri lives does not matter to the present regime or may be can't because the ones suffered in Kerala were Hindus and elections were approaching at that time.

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