Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Propaganda of India and Pakistan

In the last few days, the propaganda machine for creating an India Pakistan war is very active on the social media and even mainstream media. An unfortunate incident happened in Uri where four heavily armed terrorists killed our 18 soldiers in a cowardly attack. This incident came as an opportunity for these TV channels like Times Now, India News, Zee News, News X. It is as if they were just waiting for something like this to happen. The person that benefited the most from this attacks are neither Pakistan nor it's "non-state" actors nor the separatists. The TRP of these news channels in the last few days increased in a huge manner. These "journalists" appear in prime time television showing how "nationalist" they are but in reality they must be celebrating with the death of soldiers because it allowed them to fool the public into the rhetoric of destroying Pakistan. 

Then yesterday our beloved honorable prime minister gave a speech in which he asked the Pakistani counterparts to declare war against poverty, hunger etc. instead of each other. I literally burst with laughter. I felt pity for the BJP bhakts who were going gaga over PM's rhetoric before elections how they have to pathetically change their position now. But in a way it was good at least he got educated from a JNU student that the real fight should be against poverty instead of soldiers. 

I also watched another silly and meaningless speech of Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani prime minister in the UN, where he was constantly speaking about "Kashmir" as an "Occupation". While I agree than there have been atrocities in Kashmir by the Indian state in Kashmir. A lot of atrocities which I discussed at length in one of my previous post. But I doubt the intentions of the Pakistani prime minister as anything but "humanitarian" when the nature of the entire Islamic Republic of Pakistan is that of one of the biggest exporter of terrorism. 

Let me ask you a question now. Suppose you are working in the department of foreign affairs in USA and your job is to take visa-interviews of the students applying to study in the USA. You got two applications for visa, one from India and the other from Pakistan. Now, both of them are waiting in the reception for you to call them for the interview. Now, can you recognize their nationalities  just by looking through the window easily (assuming they are not carrying anything which blows away their nationality) ? You CANNOT!! I see no difference between an Indian and a Pakistani. We both speak the same language, we both eat similar food, we both even love cricket. So, What is Pakistan? Is it really a country? I consider it as a FAKE entity whose only existence is based on a stupid religion Islam and hatred of India. It was created by the bogus "two nation theory" proposed by that British agent Jinnah. It was created on a FAKE Hindu Muslim animosity which I discussed in the post on the Independence Day. 

It is not in the interest of the European countries (or their businessmen with vested interests) or the USA or Russians for that matter that India (which includes Pakistan and Bangladesh too) should develop and emerge as a superpower or at least emerge as a significant Economic Power in the world. It is because they have always been insecure of us and throught the course of history, we were better than them. So, they always play the divide and rule game with us. Sometime the US will supply weapons to Pakistan and Russia will supply weapons to us and the arms industry in both the countries enjoy the fight with a popcorn while their business flourishes exponentially. I suspect that now the prime ministers of both India and Pakistan has also entered the market. They use their political rhetoric to get their vote banks. In India, Modi will blame Pakistan for everything whenever anyone will question his incompetence of governance and in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif does the same. 

Now, these warmongers who show immense desire for a war between India and Pakistan have really no IDEA what will cost India to go on war even if Pakistan was not a nuclear state. It will bring India back at least a decade. Even a 14 day short war will cost India 2.5 Lakh Crore INR. Really? Can we even afford that? So, WAR is STUPID. When you blend education and hatred in a society, you give birth to creative violence. To all the political parties in India and Pakistan, please understand what you are doing. If you create an atmosphere of fear and hatred, then that is what they will learn.

Let me introduce you to GurMehar Kaur. She is the daughter of an Army Man who was killed in the kargil war. Here is what she said in April much before the attacks. Little did she knew that she will be declared as traitors by her own countrymen who she loves. Who takes the responsibilities of the Army-men who get killed in this war. Who are they really dying for? They are just dying for the government or the political parties in the governments certainly not for the people. 


So, What should we do with Pakistan? How do we deal with it? The biggest problem with our current regime is that most of the people in the regime including the PM ,the home minister and the defense minister talk in the air and have NO coherent policy on Pakistan. Perhaps that may be the reason that we had sadly a hat-trick of terror attacks in the current regime and no one is taking accountability over it. It's NOT EASY! I get it! and even at many levels it is damn difficult. First fundamental question which many people in India face dilemma are 
  • How on earth you know who you are talking to? 
  • are they true representatives of the state? 
  • Whether the people you are talking to have the authority that you have in your own government.?
  • If there is a military standing behind the civilian government pulling the strings of the civilian government 
We have seen the Americans cutting through and directly talk to the generals. We can not do that. It is in our interest that we shower the democratic voices up however weak it is. Another big complication is that, "you can't make peace when a gun is pointed at you". Every time whenever a gesture of peace has been shown from India an attack happens or a bomb goes off. Obviously, these are not the things that we can indefinitely put up with. But at the same time we can't neglect Pakistan!  They are a PRESENT REALITY. We must do what we can on the person to person front. People to People contact must INCREASE among the two parts of the same country. We SHOULD be more generous towards the visas than the Pakistanis are. We must open up the space for person to person contact. I am not ready to accept an argument that it will encourage the terrorists. NONE of the terrorist who come to us applied for a visa. They came through other routes including those who came in 26/11. Raj Thackeray is a fraud who is just cashing  on the opportunity that came to him after the attacks because he had lost every election that he fought. The one's who apply for visas are the people who by and large have interests in India. Any mostly they go with enhanced good-will. Both Indians and Pakistanis are amazing hosts at the common people level. We should also open up trade but not for the crony capitalists but for the greater good of humanity. My point is, Let us open up the space in peace and create more vested interest in peace itself in order to make it more and more difficult for that space to be narrowed down and destroyed by the enemies of peace who are very much present in the armed establishment and the "non-state" actors as they call it which Pakistan seems to generate in such large number. The speech of the Indian PM was fine. The only question is when will it come into actions instead of vote bank speeches. Only a filthy minded individual will see a terrorist in Wasim Akram or Fawad Khan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and see Abhijit as a patriot who is nothing more than a hatemonger having ideology of a terrorist.  

Monday, September 12, 2016

The Curious Case of Bakrid

The ideology behind the festival Eid-ul-Adha famously known as Bakrid in India is a stupid one but the way it is celebrated (by slaughtering animals and eating) is not! Let me explain!
It began with a dream in which an imaginary character "GOD" {Which Does Not Exist (full form of WDNE) in real} demanded the sacrifice of the child as a proof of allegiance to itself. And that fool even agreed to it even the child agreed to it! When he was about to do it apparently out of nowhere, the voice said that instead you sacrifice one of your pet animal. So, basically the sequence of Event could have been unfolded as I quote something which I saw from on a facebook page,

*God roams around the universe managing billions of galaxies*
*Gets bored*
*Visits middle East on planet Earth, solar system, Milky way galaxy in a remote cluster (old number 13, new number 4327)*
God: "Hey Abraham!"
Abraham: "Yes God?"
God: "Kill your son and prove your loyalty to me"
Abraham: "Okay God."
God: "Lol. Jk. Just kill a goat or something."
Abraham: "Okay God. I will celebrate this every year by killing a goat"
God: "Cool. Am now happy. This pleases me"
*gets back to his job of managing the universe*

And thus this tradition began, "A festival of sacrifice". In reality it is a "Festival of feast" of which I have no objection. Let's hit some microeconomics here. The meat of a bakra is a tasty one and in India it is really costly (more than 400 INR/Kg as compared to chicken 120 INR/Kg or beef Rs. 90/Kg) so eating in bulk saves you money. By bulk I mean one male goat which is "sacrificed" in bakrid costs about 4000 INR (in areas of Bihar) and it contains roughly about 25 Kgs of raw meat so obviously it is way cheaper rather than when you buy in just to consume 1 Kg in market.  Apart from that, as per the rules the total meat that is collected after the slaughter of the animal has to be distributed into three parts. The first part should be donated to the poor/helpless people. Second part should be distributed to the neighbours in the locality who could not do the "sacrifice" due to various reasons like affordability etc. The third and final part can be consumed by the family and the extended family. So, when just for a day if a poor/helpless person gets a taste of something which is a food of elite (mutton), I will be happy if that happens. Similar cases are for beef or camel meat or other animals. I am sure same kind of calculations undergo there. So, it's like cheap thrills for the poor people :) .

Now my objections to this festival comes when islamic people claim that it "teaches" you something like values and sacrifice. Yes, in life we have to sacrifice a lot when we deal with our day to day stuffs. I dont think u need any more "teachings" of sacrifices by a simple slaughter of an animal. It does not teach you sacrifice in any manner. Even if I go by the complete deeper islamic understanding which says that you should slaughter that animal which you have reared for at least an year. Even though I agree that a compassion may be created in an year by rearing the animal but doing it every year will remove it and then it will only become an act of formality. I am an ex-muslim so I have experienced it first hand. Even the family members who do this as a ritual of some sorts say that it's a bad ritual because sensitive people can't afford to do that. And these comments come from hardcore muslim theists. 
On social media as usual other religions which are equally fake as islam start doing whataboutery on the occasion of  Bakrid because many environmentalists protest their religious customs of wastage of water in holi or pollution by diwali crackers etc. So, they come up with a bad illogical stand on "innocence of animals". Humans by nature are omnivorous and not carnivores or vegetarians. Our digestive systems as well as our teeth structure is designed for consuming both the veg as well as non-veg foods. There should never be a restriction on anybody on the type of food they choose to eat unless they are eating an endangered species. Now please dont put silly question like what about eating human? There is a big difference between over-brutality and consumption of animals for the purpose of eating. An animal life can never be compared with the humans. Thats how food chain works. Otherwise all humans will become mass murderers for murdering millions of bacteria every second while breathing. So, those kind of religious whatabouteries are just an example of "Oh! my religion is better than yours"! These slaughter of animals are not harming environment in any manner and it's just maintaining the ecological food chain balance.
So basically my objection is more oriented towards the principles of the festival rather than the ritual. There is nothing wrong with the ritual only thing, it should not be forced upon anyone (the slaughtering part). What if the "almighty"(WDNE) changed his/her/its mind today and say, wait wait kill your son. So then the person would say, "Sure, every year I will have a new kid and will kill him for you" 😂 . That's why religion is such a stupid thing. All the religions are so much susceptible to fanaticism. Today, when a person goes to kill his son claiming that in his dreams god came and ordered him, the person will be behind bars. This is the basis of the entire festival. I question that basis. The entire basis of this is extremely stupid!
My suggestion is to celebrate is as "A festival of feasts" in which people from all categories like vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians can come and celebrate it. Buy a good quality fleshed animal and some 10 Kgs of Vegetarian fruits and vegetables  then distribute it into three categories as is followed culturally for fleshes only. So, this will give you about 25 Kgs of flesh and 10 Kgs of vegetables. I think in the world when we compare the vegetarians and non-veg people they are in the same proportions (2:5). Isnt it?  This can be done by both the vegetarians and  nonvegetarians. The vegetarians may not eat the flesh themselves but they certainly can help a poor family consume this elite meat. Also, there should not be discrimination on chicken/mutton/beef/sheep/camel etc. It should be based on choice of a person. If you are a chicken freak like me, you have to buy about 20 Cocks/Roosters and it will be a bit tedious as well as costly to do the slaughtering so many times. So, I will buy one of them for consuming and a male goat for distribution of flesh.
Have an enjoyable "feast". Eat and help others to eat.