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Importance of Student's Politics for India!

After the last year JNU incident, there is a certain naive group emerged on the social media which wants to abolish all student unions in universities. The argument that they give are, "Why so we need politics in institutions meant to study? Are the student there to do politics or to study?"

I want to start with an example of my own alma mater the National Institute of Science Education and Research. I have studied over 5 years in this institute and it has so many awesome faculties and I have very fortunate to have been with the guidance of one of the brilliant minds of the nation. But, there is also a side which is called the administration, and just like any other administration of any other college of India, the students in my college also are very critical about it. We students had our regular issues like  Delay in releasing scholarships every month.Issues in Internet Facility provided.Funding needed for college funds not getting sanctioned.Non-Edible Food in Mess.Choice…

Ramjas Incident : ABVP - The Potential RAPISTS

Umar Khalid the controversial figure from the JNU was supposed to speak in a seminar at Ramjas College at around 1 PM. At around 12:30 p.m about 100 ABVP goons stormed the seminar place. So, the organizers decided to form a human chain from the back door to let Umar speak in the event. After about 15 mins, the numbers of ABVP goons increased four fold and all the gates were barricaded by the ABVP goons. The organizers contacted the Delhi Police to help in the situation. Here is what they replied.
"Since, you have not taken permission for the event to be organised in your OWN college from us we are not bound to protect you. If there is any law and order situation that prevails here ONLY the organizers will be responsible for that"
Umar cancelled his presentation there and did not go. The next morning, the ABVP people as usual started their propaganda based on a blatant yet sensational LIE via whatsapp, facebook etc. that Umar Khalid, who was "convicted" from every s…