Ramjas Incident : ABVP - The Potential RAPISTS

Umar Khalid the controversial figure from the JNU was supposed to speak in a seminar at Ramjas College at around 1 PM. At around 12:30 p.m about 100 ABVP goons stormed the seminar place. So, the organizers decided to form a human chain from the back door to let Umar speak in the event. After about 15 mins, the numbers of ABVP goons increased four fold and all the gates were barricaded by the ABVP goons. The organizers contacted the Delhi Police to help in the situation. Here is what they replied.

"Since, you have not taken permission for the event to be organised in your OWN college from us we are not bound to protect you. If there is any law and order situation that prevails here ONLY the organizers will be responsible for that"

Umar cancelled his presentation there and did not go. The next morning, the ABVP people as usual started their propaganda based on a blatant yet sensational LIE via whatsapp, facebook etc. that Umar Khalid, who was "convicted" from every session's court to all the higher court in "anti-national" activities is coming to the RAMJAS college. It is a typical style of fascist propaganda. Last year people from NEWS X, ZEE News etc. reported that Umar had links with JeM. They did not even use the word "allegedly" at that point of time. They also reported that Umar went to Pakistan and has the protection of terrorist organisation there. The fact of the matter is that till now even after more than a year of the incident not a SINGLE CHARGE SHEET has been framed against any of the student. And as per the precedence of the Indian legal system you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILT and NOT the other way around. It is only ironical that those who were propagating these lies were the same people who were arrested in having links with ISI, pakistan.
I am appalled with the stupidities of some of my even well educated NISER friends (whom I won't name) who USED this news report to measure the nationalism of an indian citizen. In my judgement, this can happen with two possibilities. Either those people are so brain dead and had lost the ability to think or it is deliberate bias of their fake nationalism. 
This was my initial reaction to the incident that surfaced two days ago. I am saying and telling it with full honesty that I maintain my firm position on this. One can argue that I am being very emotional with this and that may have affected my judgement skill. I want to clarify that when it happened two things popped up in my minds. I control my emotions and wait for sometime to make myself politically correct and show myself neutral OR I let my honest emotions flow and pen it down exactly the way it is. I choose the later because I realize that for far too long I have been polite just to maintain a neutrality YET I cannot convince the people the rationality behind my thoughts. The intelligent one's always anyway understand what I want to say so I HAVE to dumb to a level where I can make the dumb one's realize their mistake in their thought process.  

Now, let us critically analyse the events. I will start with Afzal Guru. I have myself studied the full text of the judgement delivered on him three times myself. So, every person who argues with me SHOULD at lest study it one time and then argue with me factually on the merits of the case. You don't need to be a lawyer to understand a court judgement. Yes, for delivering a judgement or argue in court you should have a law degree but NOT to understand it. You need to only understand an Indian Language and some rational thinking capacity. So, please open this authentic link and download the pdf version of the judgement and study the whole document carefully which is of 153 pages and understand all the sides then make up your OWN opinion based on your own intelligence. You don't need to have faith to make up your rational argument. My stand on the judgement is that the punishment was JUST, BUT hurried which in turn saved the masterminds behind the attacks. I am happy to change my position on this if you have the patience to go through it at least once. Till then you are not qualified enough to argue on Afzal guru topic and you are just relying on faith which is an irrational way to argue which I am not interested in doing.

Now, This judgement clearly says that (only the controversial points) : 
  1. Guru was NOT involved in any of the terrorist organisations at all. 
  2. The provisions on which he was punished was POTA (prevention of Terrorism Act) which at the present day is NOT valid in any court of law.
  3. The death penalty was given to satisfy the "moral conscience of the nation" and not on the basis of guilt or innocence of the accused.
Now many Supreme Court Judges in the past has clearly spoken that the judgement is false. Does that make them Anti-National? It is high time that the Indians come out of this faith mentality that you always need to have "faith" in the judicial system. No, you need to have trust over judicial system and you should always expect the judiciary to behave neutrally. But that does not mean that judiciary can't make mistakes and it cannot be criticized. And please don't show me that TV interview of Afzal guru to prove your point because that interview was rejected to used as an evident by the court. In a true sense of democracy these things matter the most. I have clearly defined who is a traitor and who is a patriot in my previous post. Referring to it, as per my understanding , Umar Khalid does NOT become anti-national. I have many disagreements with his methods and with his ideologies but that does still not allow me or anyone else in the India to even touch him. 
When a person enters your house and kills you, it is not called a clash. It is an assault. The Violence that happened in Ramjas, almost all of the ABVP goons were NOT Ramjas students. Some of them not even from DU. Then what the hell they were doing at 10:00 am in Ramjas? I would like to appeal to all the progressive Indians so reply and hit them hard. We should reply binaries with the binaries. The way the ABVP people pulled hairs of girls, dragged them along, pelted stones on them. 

By their own standards which the ABVP applies should be done to Kashmiris, they should be shot point blank with real guns. 
The ABVP side of the story here is that the people from AISA shouted the following slogans,
"Kashmir Maange Azaadi"
"Bastar Maange Azaadi"
That set. These two slogans. These slogans does not make anyone anti-national. Everyone has a right to have an opinion about Kashmir or Bastar (which is enraged with a civil war at the moment) constitutionally. Let's look at some work of the Delhi police here. I still don't understand if the Police was not there to protect the organisers what they were doing there. The Quint released this video below.

The whole incident proves that every person associated with ABVP is a potential RAPIST. Those who were perpetrators of that incident are directly involved so they are anyways molesters. But even those who are not involved and support this action of mass molestation and thuggery are guilty with guilt by association. So, whenever you see someone from ABVP or a supporter of ABVP, you must be careful as you are seeing a potential RAPIST at that point of time. The only way this tag of a potential rapist will go if that person disassociates himself/herself from ABVP effective immediately. 

Now, I will end this with addressing those self proclaimed lecturers who lecture us about student politics. Yes students are there to study and to shape the future of the nation. This students politics is a PART of that study. So, please don't lecture students on what they should do. 

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