Want to know me??

I have profile on Facebook and Google+
But Still some lines to tell something for me

Dear all,
All of you are welcome in my blog
Don't play with me like slog
Overs and all my responsibilities are now raising above
I am waiting for all your LOVE
Not a Space bound but the complete universe consists of me
If you don't believe you will soon see
I have glown the light
that I will fight...
Without giving my life
Without cutting myself with a knife
You can try read and understand
b'coz I am managing it with my backhand
I just can't living this way
So, I am starting today
Every day thing I think
But dropping a link
That's me
You 'll see

Aa♥ Aमन

You should know Who are you talking to???

Till now all in my life I have been to many coaches who taught me how to play with the world and its reality (may be!)
I like to talk about interesting things (with respect to me and even others but the reason of interest should be logical).
I am student studying MATHEMATICS at present a final year student of NISER

I should also know whom am I talking to???

I would be glad to know about you.
What is your purpose of visiting here?
Why are you here?
How do you feel?
how is my all these bakwaas(if you th!nk)??
What do you th!nk about me after reading my bakwaas??

I would be very glad to know all that and all suggestions are always welcome

Tell it to me by

Do tell it ... I am waiting. . .:) :)